Though many houses find themselves underwater in the literal sense in the early spring months, flooded basements can happen at any time, regardless of meltwater levels. They can also happen for a variety of reasons, from poor lawn grading to malfunctioning gutters. Given that such occurrences frequently leave behind their fair share of moisture damage, which can quickly progress to a mold infestation if you’re not careful, it’s a smart move as a homeowner to do everything you can to prevent it.

It’s also a smart idea to start with your gutters, as this part of your home does quite a bit to protect it from the year round danger that is a flooded basement. Below, Midwest Exteriors MN, your Sauk Rapids roofing company and providers of gutter installation, discusses how poorly tended gutters can lead directly to a basement flood, and how you can prevent that flood from happening in the first place.

Without Your Gutter Installation, Your Home Can’t Manage Water

Moisture management is a multi-step process for your home. When rain or sleet falls onto your roof, it rolls down the structure’s slope, which is how your shingles keep your roofing watertight. After it clears the eaves, the water falls into your gutter system. Gravity then takes over again as the stuff flows toward and down the downspout, finally draining a safe distance away from your home into your yard.

If that gutter system springs a leak, or if it clogs, the water your roof has unloaded into it has nowhere to go but over the edge. It then falls straight down onto the soil near your home’s foundation, splashing your siding on the way.

The result? Stained siding, of course, but the consequences can be far more dire if the system is left unchecked. As more and more water seeps into the ground near your home’s foundation, gravity takes over again—this time in a detrimental way. Without your gutters working at full throttle, and with enough rainfall or meltwater, you can say hello to a flooded basement!

Left to Its Own Devices, the Problem Gets Worse

If, after the consequences of a flooded basement, the root cause isn’t addressed, the problem won’t just keep happening—it will actively get worse. According to the Foundation Crack Expert Group, a Canadian foundation care company, water saturating the soil near your home can shift the soil in such a way that a part of your foundation could cease to rest upon solid ground. When this happens, heavy loads can cause those parts to crack.

Freeze thaw cycles can then mean that water gets into the preformed crack, therefore widening it and further eroding your foundation, the very thing your home stands on.

How to Keep Your Gutter Installation Going Strong

Luckily, there’s plenty you can do to prevent your gutters from contributing to a nasty basement flood: simply take care of them! We cover a more comprehensive list of benefits to this, as well as a few simple springtime maintenance tasks, in our gutter installer blog.

Of course, though, a gutter installer themselves is an irreplaceable helping hand in the fight to maintain a healthy home. Check out just a couple ways that they can make this spring rainy season—and all of those upcoming—simple and stress-free.

Opt for a New Seamless Gutter System

Seamless gutters stand leagues above their clunky, traditional competition. We discuss all of their benefits in our blog on the topic! For now, though, know that their comparative lack of weak points means that you’re less likely to experience breakages, and their smoothness means that debris are unlikely to get stuck in them and clog. They still require maintenance and upkeep, like any gutter system, but as a whole they’re far less demanding, too.

Consider Gutter Protection Products

Fitting like a perforated shield over your gutters, gutter protection products only allow water to enter the structures, keeping out dirt, leaves, and other debris and ensuring seamless operation. They vastly decrease the likelihood of damaging clog formation as well as decreasing care requirements, so if maintenance is getting you down, they can be a low-fuss solution.

Get Regular Gutter Inspections

As a roofing company, we talk a lot about the importance of regular roofing inspection—but as gutter installers, we want you to know that your gutters matter, too. You can do quite a bit to assess them at home, of course, but only a pro can pinpoint potential weak points before they turn into big problems. They’ll also be able to get a much more comprehensive look than the regular, at-home gutter cleaner would, as they have the expertise and equipment to get to places you might not.

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