Shingle roofs are the most common and popular roofing material. There are many reasons for their popularity, including cost, ease of installation, and durability. They protect against a variety of weather conditions, such as snow, rain, hail, and wind.

There are many things to know about shingles, particularly if you’re looking to replace your roof. Midwest Exteriors MN will teach you everything you need to know about roofing shingles.

Three-Tab vs. Architectural Shingles

There are two types of shingles: three-tab shingles and architectural shingles.

Three-tab shingles are the most common since architectural shingles tend to cost more. They are designed to look like three separate shingles and are easy to install.

Architectural shingles have a more dimensional look to them and provide an additional layer of asphalt. They can also mimic the look of slate or wood shake shingles without the additional cost.

Average Lifespan

The lifespan of your shingles highly depends on the material. Some three-tab shingles require replacement after 10 years, while others last up to 25 years. The average lifespan is typically 15 to 20 years.

Architectural shingles can last 30 to 50 years. If your shingles are properly installed, you can expect a longer lifespan.

In addition, the climate of your region and the materials used in the installation can affect the longevity of your shingles. It’s also important to practice regular roof maintenance to extend the life of your shingles.

Many factors can affect the longevity of your shingles, including extreme weather, UV exposure, installation technique, and whether or not you prioritize maintenance upkeep.

Extreme Weather

Shingles are designed to withstand most weather conditions, but if you are in an area with strong winds and excessive snow, rain, and hail, your roof may not last as long.

If you experience a bad storm and have storm damage to your roof, call Midwest Exteriors MN right away to take care of the problems.

Check out our blog for signs of storm damage, so you know the signs to look for!

Excessive UV Exposure

You can’t expect the sun not to damage your roof, either. Excessive exposure to the sun’s rays can negatively affect your shingles.

The UV rays will break down the materials in the shingle and require replacement or repairs.

Improper Installation

If your shingles were not properly installed, your roof’s lifespan would not be as long. Because of the precise nature of installing roofing shingles, any missteps can cause problems down the line.

Errors during the installation process can cause early deterioration and premature roof failure.

Lack of Maintenance

Having a professional regularly check your roof for needed repairs can improve your roof’s chance at a long life. If you neglect regular maintenance, then you’ll find your roof will not last as long as it should.

Extending Your Shingle Roof Life

There are some ways to extend the life of your shingles. While all shingles are regularly exposed to the above conditions, there are ways to help your roof stay in good condition.

●        Clean your gutters regularly to avoid backups of rainwater and melting snow

●        Hire a professional to inspect your roof once a year

●        Make sure your attic has proper ventilation and insulation

●        Trim nearby trees and remove tree debris from the roof

●        Check your roof after a bad storm for any damage

●        Have your roof professionally cleaned to remove mold, algae, and moss

●        Remove snow with a snow rake and have ice dams removed

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