What forms the first impressions a buyer has of a home? It's always the curb-side appeal. Buyers are going to be looking at your home's exterior before its interior, and that's a good thing. There are a lot of improvements you can make to the outside of your home that are both cost-effective and attractive.

Should You Invest in New Siding?

One of the fastest, easiest methods of completely changing the way a home looks is to install new siding. New siding is an affordable update to a home, improving both its appearance and its energy efficiency. Modern buyers frequently look for homes that are better insulated. New siding can provide this and more. If your home has experienced damage, such as hail damage, or has suffered from mold or staining, new siding can help.

Should You Invest in a New Roof?

If your roof is 20 years old or older, a new roof is an ideal investment. A roof replacement will improve the value of your home, in addition to making it more physically attractive to buyers. Roofs are one of the major things that people consider when buying a home, and many buyers are wary of purchasing a home with a roof that’s going to need replaced in the future.

Should You Invest in New Gutters?

Don't want to invest a lot of money? New gutters are an extremely affordable way to update the look of a property, especially if your old gutters have become bent and stained. Few things make a property look as old as gutters that are falling apart, and replacing a gutter is always better than attempting to repair older materials.

What Other Improvements Can You Make?

●        Replace the doors. A front door can alter the appearance of a home tremendously.

●        Paint the trim. A brighter, more modern color can update the look of an older home.

●        Install a mailbox. A new mailbox is often the first thing that a person sees when pulling up.

●        Do landscaping. Bushes, colorful annuals, and other landscaping accents will draw people into the property.

Your real estate agent can tell you more about what's expected in your area, but all of the above ideas will make your property look newer and more attractive. Before you make a decision regarding whether you want to invest in these improvements, consider getting a quote. You can contact Midwest Exteriors today at (651) 346-9477 or by filling out an easy form for a free estimate.