Central Minnesota is home to many wildlife species: loons, coyotes, and even the occasional bear. While it’s great that these animals are flourishing in certain areas of the state, it’s not so great when they wander into our neighborhoods. This isn’t just happening here; many animals across the globe are changing their natural behaviors to align more with an increasingly urbanized world.


What does this mean for the average homeowner? It means that potentially, your roof is beginning to look more like prime nesting real estate for animals such as racoons and squirrels. While it may seem like you’re doing these animals a favor by providing them a safe home, the damage they cause can be costly to you and downright fatal to them, should they come into contact with your electrical wiring. It’s crucial you keep all animals from nesting in your roof.


That’s easier said than done, of course, but Midwest Exteriors MN, a Twin Cities roofing contractor, has some tips below.

Roof Upkeep is Key

Animals will nest in areas that are convenient to them. Therefore, the best way to make sure you won’t need roof repair from these nesting behaviors is to make your roof less accessible than the animal’s natural nesting choices. You can do this by:


●        Maintaining your trees. Unkempt branches make it easy for flightless animals, such as racoons and opossums, to get to your roof and begin to nest there. Keep all branches cut back well away from your home to discourage this.

●        Calling a roofing company when necessary. Asphalt shingles that are beginning to warp are metaphorical chinks in your home’s armor; animals can easily remove them to get into the attic beneath. Don’t be afraid to call a local roofing contractor for outright replacement if need be. You’ll save animals’ lives and yourself money in the long run.

●        Keeping an eye on your gutters. No matter if you have aluminum or copper gutters, they play crucial roles in redirecting damaging rainwater away from your roof and home. Roofing and gutters are a system; problems with one will lead to problems with the other. Maintain your gutters to prevent your roof from weakening and, therefore, animals from taking up residence.


Need Roof Replacement? Midwest Exteriors MN Can Help

If you’ve got animals in your roof, first, of course, call pest control and get them taken care of. You might need to contact an insulation and electrical company, as well, depending on what damage has already been wrought. After all of this, contact Midwest Exteriors MN at 651-346-9477  to see if you’ll need roof replacement to stop critters from crashing at your place in the future.