Welcome to winter! With snowdrifts, slush, and nasty commutes abound, we don’t blame you if you want to spend as much time as possible hunkered down inside your warm living room sipping on hot chocolate. For some, it’s the perfect way to spend a winter day snowed in and home from work!

However, this can only become a reality if your siding is properly maintained. As unrelated as it may seem, your siding, alongside your roof, is the one thing that stands between your home and the frigid winter outside. A lack of proper care can quickly leave you and your family stranded in the cold this season—not to mention it can put a horrible damper on any number of cozy indoor activities.

It can be difficult to brave the cold this season to take care of your siding, but doing so is, to some degree, essential to keeping your house warm and your heating bills reasonable. Midwest Exteriors MN, a Lake Elmo roofing contractor and siding company, has a few tips to keep your siding strong and steady through all kinds of winter weather.

What Are the Signs of Winter Siding Failure?

As with many things in life, the best way to take care of your siding is to get rid of small problems before they become big ones. Much of this should take place during the fall months or earlier, especially if you need a siding replacement. It’s much easier to install certain types of siding in warmer temperatures.

Assuming you’ve checked out your siding during the preceding autumn and taken care of any necessary siding installation with us at Midwest Exteriors, your siding should still be going strong. However, unanticipated weather fluctuations and snow load can certainly put a strain on it, regardless of how well it was put on.

Knowing the signs of winter siding strain and failure is the first step to starting your winter maintenance. These signs can vary, depending on what kind of siding you own, but they often include:

Missing Siding Slabs

Of course, this is one of the most obvious signs your siding has taken some severe damage this winter, but its importance cannot be understated, so we feel it’s worth a mention.

A missing slab of siding, blown off in the harsh winter winds, means that your home’s inner infrastructure is left exposed to the elements. Besides looking quite awkward and somewhat tacky, these innards aren’t made to withstand any sort of moisture or prolonged sun exposure, let alone blowing snow!

You’ll also be setting yourself up for excessive heat bills this winter if your siding blows off. Luckily, missing siding generally only happens after severe weather or in homes that haven’t had a professional siding company take care of them recently.

Lamination Failure

If you’ve got wood siding, it’s probably coated with a protective sealant that saves it from the elements. Once this sealant wears off due to snow hitting it repeatedly, the wood underneath is exposed.

This exposure to moisture can lead to cupping or even rot in the springtime, an issue that can quickly spread to your roof and home’s interior, racking up repair costs. In short, it’s always best to replace your wood siding as soon as you notice a problem!

Luckily, there are plenty of wood siding products that are resistant to moisture damage in the first place, such as LP Smartside.

Mildew, Mold, Staining

If you start to see moisture buildup or notice that mildew smell, you’re probably spotting water damage commonly caused by buildup and improper siding maintenance. The internal moisture can cause paint to bubble up and peel. Looking out for these if you sense your siding may need maintenance.

High Heating Bill

Have you ever noticed that your heating bill keeps going up even though your house is staying at a relatively normal temperature? This may be a sign that your insulation is failing you, thus a sign of siding maintenance! Siding helps regulate your home’s temperature. If it’s not doing so, there may be a siding issue.

Cracked Vinyl Siding

If you own vinyl siding that hasn’t been recently replaced, it’s vulnerable to cracking. Unfortunately, no amount of caulk can make it look like new, nor mitigate the increase this will bring to your heating bills. If your vinyl siding is currently cracked, the only option is to replace it. In the future, consider investing in a brand that’s specifically designed to stand up to our harsh winters, such as Alside.

Essentially, when it comes to siding, if it isn’t looking pretty, then you’ve got a winter maintenance problem. What should you do?

Proper Siding Maintenance

Now that you know the possible signs of siding failure, you need to know how to properly take care of siding maintenance. The experienced crew at Midwest Exteriors MN can offer expert advice on siding repair and siding installation. We promise to offer excellent services as well as results. Here are the ways Midwest Exteriors MN may treat your siding!

Recurring Inspections

Whether you have wood, vinyl, or fiber siding, having your siding inspected regularly is the first and most important step to making sure your siding stays in its best shape!

We recommend having your siding looked at every six months to ensure best practices. Siding damage commonly happens during seasonal changes, so a regular inspection can help negate any further unknown damage.

Annual Wash

Conducting an annual clean is a great way to maintain your siding’s integrity. This can easily be done at home with a garden hose or taken care of professionally.

Some may prefer to use a power washer to ensure that even the stubborn dirt and buildup are getting washed away. Although it only needs to be done annually, washing your siding is an important way to properly care for your home.

Paint or Retreat

Repainting your home typically seems like a cosmetic adjustment, as it very well can be, but it is also an excellent way to maintain your siding. For wood siding, be sure to retreat it. Although this can be done infrequently, repainting should generally be performed every 10-15 years.

Re-applying a quality coat of paint can help keep extra moisture from getting into old, washed-out siding. Retreating wood should also be taken care of every five years. Both painting and retreating can be done with the proper materials or taken care of professionally!

Contact the Professionals at Midwest Exteriors MN

It’s nearly impossible to perform any siding maintenance in the winter if you don’t have the proper training. Changing humidity levels and blowing snow can mean that installing any kind of siding can do more home than good. Always contact a trusted industry professional to take care of the problem—like those at Midwest Exteriors MN.

We’ve served the Twin Cities area since 1994; we know all about working around the weather, and our versatile team is skilled at detecting all kinds of home exterior problems. Perhaps it isn’t even your siding that’s causing your rising heating bills—you’ll never know until you call us!

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