Have you ever looked at your home and wondered how it’s still standing? With the amount of weather hazards Minnesotans experience each year, it’s truly remarkable what our homes can withstand. From snow and harsh wind to shifting soil and heavy rain, your home stays strong through it all, providing shelter for you and your family day after day.

The truth is, your home doesn’t just magically stay strong; It's exterior features make it that way, Your roofing, siding, and gutters work together to defend your home against the elements. It’s a complicated, multi-faceted system, and a versatile exterior contractor like Midwest Exteriors MN can help you make smart choices about that system. Since our company was founded in 1994, we’ve strived to hone our skills and multidisciplinary knowledge. We have a keen understanding of how your home’s exterior parts interact to protect your property from damage.

Today we’re going to talk about one of your home’s most important features: the gutters. Gutters may not be the first thing you’d notice about a house from the curbside, but without them, your home would certainly not be in the same shape as it is now. That’s why we’ve worked hard to hone our abilities as gutter installers, and also why we’ve dedicated this blog post to such a crucial aspect of your home’s exterior. Let’s dive into all that your gutters do for you and your house. Spoiler alert: It’s a lot more than you probably think!

What Your Gutters Do

Gutters control where water flows after it slides off of your roof. While you might not think a little water is such a big deal – after all, your house sits out in the rain day in and day out – a little misplaced moisture can cause enormous problems, from mold infestation to structural deterioration. Your gutters specifically work to protect:

●        Siding – Without your gutters safely directing water away from your home’s walls, your siding could take a major hit. Though all siding is at least somewhat resistant to water, severe wetness sets the stage for mold growth, or at the very least unpleasant staining. This is why it’s so critical to keep your gutters well-maintained, even if they are seamless gutters. Breakages, clogs, and debris can cause gutter overflow onto your siding.

A side note – due to their comparative lack of structural weak points, seamless gutters like those we sell are far less vulnerable to breaking than their segmented competitors.

●        Roofing – Your gutters also protect what lies above them. Minnesotan winters are unpredictable, and the cycle of freezing and thawing can lead to ice dams forming in your gutters. Well-maintained and cleaned gutters minimize the chance of this happening, as they better enable the standing water that partially comprises an ice dam to drain.

●        The foundation – The very thing that holds your house up owes its continued existence to the humble gutter system. By making sure water drains into the soil a safe distance away from your home’s foundation, your gutters prolong the life of that foundation and prevent water damage.

Should these unsung heroes of your home need replacement, we’d be more than happy to provide. Our extensive experience in gutters and other home exteriors gives us an edge that you’re unlikely to find anywhere else. For more information about our services or to schedule an appointment, please give us a call at 651-346-9477 or connect with us online.