Gutters: they’re more important to our home’s wellbeing than the average person might think! From directing rainwater away from your foundation to stopping standing water from collecting on your roof, these little tube-shaped structures do a lot to keep your home’s exterior in tip-top shape.

If you notice cracks, dings, or dents in your gutters—or even pieces missing—you definitely should be concerned! While it’s not an absolute emergency, you need to get professional gutter installers to your property to fix things up. Aside from leaving your home vulnerable to moisture damage, broken gutters can be quite the eyesore.

Such a situation poses the question, though: should you opt for gutter replacement? It depends on a variety of factors. Midwest Exteriors MN is here to help you navigate this complex decision. Below, we’ll pose a few questions to get you thinking deeper about if storm damage repair or gutter replacement is the better option for you.

How Damaged Is Your Gutter Installation?

If your gutters have holes, cracks, or dings in more than a section or two, replacement is probably the cheaper and more time-efficient option. You don’t want to have a repair service nickel-and-dime you for each and every little task when a gutter installation company, like Midwest Exteriors MN, could take care of the problem in one fell swoop.

What Type of Gutters Do You Have?

If your damaged gutters are of the sectional sort—that is, they’re made of a series of interconnecting pieces—you might want to opt for replacement, regardless of the amount of damage sustained. Seamless gutters, which generally consist of fewer parts, are less subject to leaks (due to their relative lack of seams) and lower maintenance than their sectional counterparts. They also lend your home a much more streamlined, polished look.

To learn more about the benefits of this type of gutter system, check out our gutter installer blog that discusses them.

How Old Are Your Gutters?

Gutter technology is constantly evolving, bringing more efficient moisture control to your home and looking ever-the-prettier while doing it. If your gutters are getting up there in years and are beginning to rust out in places, it could be time to look at hardier, more efficient, seamless models from Midwest Exteriors MN.

How Well Have You Taken Care of Your Gutters?

If you’ve been lax throughout the years on your gutter cleaning, your gutters have, no doubt, suffered. Uncleaned gutters can house animals and insects, both of which can contribute to the structure’s continued deterioration.

Debris such as leaf litter also puts a strain on your gutters, as they’re only designed to move water, not to carry weight—and clogs are nothing to brush off, as we cover in our gutter installation blog. If you haven’t gone into your gutters as of late to clean them, replacement might be necessary. At the very least, you should consider gutter guards after you’ve tidied up, as these drastically cut down on your gutters’ maintenance requirements.

Do you Need Gutter Replacement for Non-Damage-Related Reasons?

Indeed, gutter replacement has plenty of practical applications. If your gutters have sustained damage, think of replacement as not only something that fixes said damage, but which improves your gutter system as a whole to ensure that the damage doesn’t happen again.

Of course, there are plenty of other external circumstances that might lead you to seek out a gutter replacement, which has nothing to do with damage.

You Want to Give Your Home a New Look

Though not many people consider gutter replacement when they think of boosting curb appeal, your gutters play a huge role in the style of your home’s exterior. After all, clunky gutters give off a very different vibe than seamless ones! If this is the reason you seek a gutter replacement, too, you don’t need to feel guilty about being wasteful or harming the environment. Many types of gutters can be recycled! Contact your local authorities for details.

You Want to Sell Your Home

A working gutter system is essential to a longstanding house; a smart buyer will be aware of this and make sure your home-for-sale has a top-notch system, especially if it is of high value in the first place. Nobody wants to move into a brand new home only to discover it needs repairs and investments on top of what you were prepared to give! Do your potential buyers—and your conscience—a favor by opting for gutter replacement.

But don’t just take it from us; real estate pros also say that gutter replacement could do good things for your home’s sale. According to HomeLight, an online real estate platform, “gutters in poor condition could detract between $500 and $1,000 from the value of an average-sized house with a straightforward installation by a professional.” That doesn’t sound like a lot, but at closing time, every last penny counts.

You Want a Gutter Installation With Fewer Maintenance Requirements

As stated above, seamless gutters don’t have joints that can collect dead leaves, dirt, twigs, and other debris. This means they’re considerably easier to take care of than sectional gutters. Plus, if you order gutter guards to go along with your seamless gutters, you’ll have an even more hassle-free maintenance routine. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to make taking care of your home a little easier, especially if you’re busy or getting on in years.

When Might I Look Into Storm Damage Repair?

We’ve talked quite a bit about when it’d be time for replacement—but what about storm damage repairs? Generally speaking, a gutter installer in person is best off answering this question, as every gutter system is an individual.

That being said, we can say that many homeowners opt for some degree of storm damage repair if insurance policies come into the picture, as these help financially cover some of the damage. Typically, you’ll be dealing with your homeowner’s insurance policy in this case. What a given policy covers is highly dependent on that policy’s wording, but there are a few widespread exclusions, according to H&K Insurance Agency: age and owner neglect.

Since unpredictable storms don’t fall under those two exclusion categories, it’s common to seek an inspection and repair afterwards.

Gutters are quite long-lived pieces of equipment, so unless the damage is extensive, their technology is behind the times, or you have other, cosmetic-related reasons for desiring replacement, storm damage should be the only time that you need to opt for repairs—provided you’re taking care of your system properly.


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