Do you need new gutters? If so, you’re probably not too keen on doing a ton of research to find the perfect gutter installers for you. You may reason that your gutters are only a tiny part of what makes your house look as good as it does, and you might think that they serve only a tiny purpose, functionally speaking. What good do metal tubes do for your home? Doesn’t your roof do all the work when it comes to protecting your house from the elements? Why should you dig around to find the perfect gutter installation for you?

Midwest Exteriors MN is here to say that your gutters do a lot more for your home than meets the eye and that a great gutter installation company is much more important than you might think, whether you have seamless gutters or not. Never, under any circumstances, should you endeavor to install your gutters on your own; they serve too crucial a role in protecting your home from:

●        Moisture damage | Have you ever heard a friend complain about their basement flooding in the spring? Offer your sincere condolences because it’s never something you want to have to deal with. Water damage in your basement can result in your needing to replace entire sections of flooring and furniture, and to lose countless precious family heirlooms. It also can be dangerous should you have electronics plugged in down there. Gutters play an integral role in preventing basement deluges. They funnel water from your roof and away from your home using gravity, and the downspout directs that water into the soil at a safe distance away from your home so it can drain. If you’ve never had to deal with flooded basements, thank your gutters today!

●        Mold | Mold isn’t just the stuff you find on old vegetables in the fridge. Fungi can easily set up shop in countless areas of your home, from inside your walls to behind your ceiling—and you won’t be any the wiser for it. Aside from being quite the shameful eyesore and an embarrassment to your family and neighbors, mold can cause health problems in those with sensitivities. Usually, mold infestations are the result of water damage, which, as we implied above, can be the result of faulty or nonfunctional gutters. If your house is thoroughly mold-free, it’s partially thanks to your gutters.

●        Foundation erosion | Your foundation is the sturdy structure that your home sits on. Without it, your home becomes vulnerable to the damages of water vapor and other sources of groundwater, and we all know how damaging water can be. As stated above, your gutter system directs water far away from your foundation so that it can drain safely into the soil, at a great enough distance from your home, that it poses no threat to it. However, prolonged and excessive exposure to moisture can cause your foundation to degrade, which means that your home is left undefended and unsupported. That’s no way for what’s probably the largest investment you’ve made to be!

As you can see, gutters are important to the prolonged functionality of any house—ergo, it pays to find a company who will install them well and get the job done right. But how can you tell if the company you’re eyeing up is a quality one? Midwest Exteriors MN, as professional gutter installers ourselves, has all the answers below. We know quality like the back of our hands.

Spotting a Quality Gutter Installer: A How-To

Spotting a quality gutter installation company is, in many ways, similar to spotting a quality roofer or a quality siding installation business. In addition to other similar qualifications, to succeed in these industries, one must have the applicable technical skills, and they share many of the same “soft skill” requirements, so to speak. When searching for a quality gutter installer, just like when you’re looking for great service in the other fields, look for the following:

●        An organized, well-written website | While the company asking you to call for a quote is acceptable (the amount you’ll pay varies depending on the project), you should be able to easily find all relevant information on the company’s webpage. Figuring out how to get a hold of them should not be a headache. If it is, doing business with them is bound to be likewise!

●        Years of experience | As we elaborated on previously, gutters are an integral part of keeping your home going strong for years—the more experience your gutter company has, the better. When you pay for professional service, you pay for a job done correctly and seamlessly, and while many gutter installation companies will claim they offer this, experience separates the ones who talk and the ones who can deliver.

●        Communication skills | These are useful in almost all industries, of course, but they’re especially relevant to gutter installation. Because gutters can be an investment, and you’re trusting the installation company in question with that investment, your team should be working hard to ensure you’re always on the same page. You should never feel like you’re being left in the dark, or that you don’t understand what is going to happen to your house and when.

You’re in Good Hands with Midwest Exteriors MN

Our versatile, communicative gutter technicians spare no effort to make sure you’re informed throughout the installation process. We know what quality service looks like, as we just described it to a T. For a job well done at an unbeatable price, call Midwest Exteriors MN now at 651-346-9477, or contact us