As the summer wraps up—we know, part of us doesn’t want to think about it either—at least Minnesota can look forward to gorgeous fall colors. Indeed, for a few weeks out of the year, the state transforms into something straight out of a classical painting, with firelike canopies and crystal clear rivers. Perhaps, now and again, a leaf drifts into the water and meanders downstream, provoking moments of pensive thought.

Yes, fall is pretty and peaceful for us, but it might not be pretty and peaceful for your gutters. If you aren’t careful, this season can, in fact, prove especially dangerous for them.

Why Should I Care About My Gutters?

Gutters are an important part of how your home manages the moisture it’s exposed to from the rain, humidity, and perhaps even the snow (it isn’t unheard of to get snow early here, after all). We talk quite a bit about the functionality of gutters in a May post of ours and one of our July entries, but here’s a brief:

●        Gutters help stop mold growth | Without gutters to safely direct water away from your roof, siding, and foundation, cracks and snaps in these constructions can quickly become home to mold. Quite the costly nuisance and nasty health hazard, mold can quickly spread from a localized point to infect your entire house, requiring professional remediation and causing great familial stress.

●        Gutters maintain your foundation | Because your downspouts—part of your gutter system—direct water away from your home, they preserve the health of the very thing that holds your home aloft.

Indeed, gutters are an important part of what keeps a home looking and working at its best, as well as its value high. Every homeowner must understand and keep in mind the importance of such a structure, especially as fall rolls around and things can get wild for your gutters.

What’s So Dicey About Fall?

Two words: Falling leaves. While their colors are gorgeous and they’re a crucial part of how nature prepares for winter, gutters cannot abide by them. Practicing proper cleaning procedures, purchasing gutter guards, and opting for gutter replacement from a smart gutter installation service if needed are your three best options to prevent falling leaves from:

●        Clogging your gutters | Imagine all the leaves that your trees must shed to get themselves ready for the colder months! While you’re busy raking them up from the ground, your gutters have little to no way to clean themselves. Fallen leaf buildup can result in clogs, which prevent your gutters from draining water as efficiently as they should. In fact, in severe cases, it can lead to gutter overflow, which arguably defeats the purpose of having gutters in the first place. Clogs also can open the door of your home to pests, as your gutters’ consequential failure to manage moisture means that that moisture can rot out and soften your fascia and attic, which makes the perfect home for a number of unwelcome species.

●        Creating ugly stains | If your gutters happen to be so clogged that they have standing water, you’re in for a treat. When the next rainstorm arrives, that water can wash out, drenching your gutters and home in a deluge of leaf-stained sludge. Said sludge is an eyesore, for one; nobody likes that greeting them when they walk up to your front door. It’s also difficult to remove.

●        Breaking your gutters | If your gutters are so weighed down by debris and leaves, they very well can snap, crack, or do any number of undesired contortions. Gutter installation, while it can make your home look amazing, is definitely an investment and a process. If you’re looking to preserve the health of your current gutters, though, follow the aforementioned maintenance procedures to a T. There’s no such thing as too careful when it comes to this integral piece of your home’s exterior!

Yes, fall is a tough season for gutters, but you don’t need to enter it with anxiety. We at Midwest Exteriors MN, as condo contractors and gutter installers, are here to help. Our blog is a wealth of resources when it comes to educating yourself about your gutters and how to care for them;  check out this entry on knowing when it’s time to replace your gutters or this one on the benefits of gutter guards. Indeed, gutters are a broad yet multifaceted topic, and while it takes a true expert like us to know the ins and outs of them, every homeowner has the power to build a functional and practical knowledge base.

If you’re struggling with your gutters, stumped, or think you might need replacement fixtures, we at Midwest Exteriors MN would love to hear from you and answer all of your questions. Give our Lake Elmo office a call now at 651-346-9477.