The summer heat is dying down—either that or the weather is probably alternating between rainforest-esque humidity and dry spells to rival the permanent state of a desert. In other words, a typical Minnesotan August has arrived. While your HOA is probably up to its neck trying to help your properties stand strong throughout this unpredictable month, now is also the time to prepare for fall. Autumn weather, while arguably not as variable as the aforementioned summer weather, poses its own unique challenges. This line of thinking is especially true when it comes to gutters (as we explain in our other entry for this month), but it’s also true for roofs. It’s imperative that your neighborhood make sure these structures are standing tough far before the first snow settles in.

●        Fall weather brings leaves | Of course, your HOA is no stranger to raking up yards over the course of typical autumn, but have you ever considered what those leaves could do to your roofs? Debris that is unattended opens the door for mold and rot infestations, which certainly aren’t good for resident satisfaction or the surrounding property values. If you’re not careful, you could end up needing a roofing contractor for the whole neighborhood to take care of this ugly problem before winter hits.

●        Roofs that are at less than their prime will only further deteriorate by wintertime, thanks to fall | While some rain is a common occurrence for fall around these parts, winter precipitation arguably puts it to shame. Roofs that are not functioning as well as they could only suffer further through the frost, chill, and winds of the fall months, potentially leading to disaster in terms of property value come winter. Leaks and moisture damage can abound later on if your HOA’s roofs don’t have even minuscule problems taken care of now.

●        Fall is challenging to your gutters, so it’s challenging to your roof, too | These two structures work together to help your HOA neighborhood’s properties manage moisture and direct it safely away from the siding and foundation. As we stated above, fall brings with it leaves, which, if not taken care of, can quickly clog gutters, which leads to mismanaged water and potentially ice dams once the snow hits. These nasty backups inherently involve standing water on your roof: not something your neighborhood ever wants to deal with!

We don’t mean to panic you, but as you can see, you must begin to prepare your roofs for the colder weather now before it arrives, and you’re stuck playing catch-up. Midwest Exteriors MN, a team of roofing contractors and condo contractors, is here to help with some handy tips below.

Prepping HOA Roofs for Fall: The Basics

While roofs on HOA homes are no different than the same type of roof on a home in a non-HOA neighborhood, the seasonal maintenance process might look a little different for you. You’re looking at an entire neighborhood of preparation, not a singular house! Luckily, with smart allocations of labor, you can get the job done quickly.

●        Trim back your trees, so the leaves don’t accumulate on your roofs | If you catch things early enough, your neighborhood might not even need to face the dangerous task of climbing up on the roofs. Hire professionals to trim back wayward tree branches, which can help stop the buildup of gunk on your roofs. As a bonus, this prevents your shingles from being whacked by wayward limbs and sustaining damage during fall and winter storms.

●        Hire a professional to do roof inspections | Sometimes, roof damage isn’t visible to the eye of the layperson. You’ll need a professional’s honed intuition and expansive knowledge-base to truly assess if your neighborhood’s roofs are ready for fall and winter. Midwest Exteriors MN, with our years of experience working with HOAs, would be privileged to play this role for your neighborhood. While we’re at it, we can also check out the health of your siding and gutters and ensure your whole neighborhood is ready to stand up to the worst kinds of cold weather.

●        Clean out your neighborhood's gutters | As a gutter installation company, we can’t stress this one enough! At a minimum, clean your neighborhood gutters out twice a year. You may be able to play with this a little if you have gutter guards, but in general, it’s better to be safe than sorry; we recommend erring on the more frequent side of things. By caring for your gutters, you’re also caring for your roof, so it’s a single chore that accomplishes much. Plus, it’s also deeply satisfying to get in there and scrape out all of that debris.

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