Do you need a new roof? If you do (why else would you be reading this post?), the idea alone can seem daunting. You can hardly imagine what looks like half of your home’s exterior torn apart and replaced. What might that look like? What type of roofing material might work best for you, aesthetically and functionally? How will your busy schedule fit into that of the work? There are so many choices to be made, so many wrinkles to iron out!

Unfortunately, planning out what your roof might look like and the time you want the work to begin is only half the battle. You’ll also need to find a quality roofing contractor to actually complete the work. As pressed for time as you may currently be, never skip this step! Roofing should never be done on one’s own, as replacing one’s own roof can lead to:

●        Serious injury | As a kid, did you ever take a nasty tumble off of the playground? Imagine that, except two or three times the height and with two to three times (or even more!) years behind you. We’ll spare you the details, but it definitely won’t end well!

●        A shoddy job | Nothing against your masterful DIY skills, but roofing contractors exist for a reason. When you replace your roof, it’s important to do it perfectly, as failure to do so decreases the roof’s lifespan and makes it weaker when it comes to standing up against all sorts of stressors, from winter winds to summer rains. Everything, from the underlayment to the fasteners, must be done by an experienced hand if you want your quite substantial investment to last you any length of time. Working with professionals will save you money in the long run, as if you do your roofing yourself, you’ll probably end up calling those professionals anyway for anything from storm damage roof repair to ice dam removal.

●        Excessive stress | Roofing companies work hard, in the heat or cold, to get your roof situated and you, the client, satisfied. There’s a reason they often tackle their job in teams, though; going it alone is simply too much! Save yourself an exercise in frustration and the wasted vacation time and just call a professional to get the job done. Trust us; you won’t regret it.

As you can see, DIY is a DI-don’t when it comes to roofing replacement. It simply isn’t worth the potential for injury, the potential waste of money, and the massive headaches it would cause you as a non-professional. You’ll need to find a professional ally that will partner with you to get your roofing done; it’s non-negotiable.

Are you stressed about adding another task to your plate? Don’t be. Midwest Exteriors MN, as a roofing contractor ourselves, is here to help. While we’ve talked quite a bit about how to spot a bad roofing contractor in one of our previous blog posts, in addition to the value of proper licensure, in this one we focus more on the less-concrete positives—subtle cues that show you the roofing company you’ve found is the top-notch one you deserve.

How to Spot a Quality Roofing Contractor

While different roofing companies are skilled in different ways and with different roofing materials, there remain a few constant factors that are solid indicators that your potential partner is the real deal:

●        They’re people-friendly | Of course, you probably won’t be chit-chatting constantly with your roofing company as they work, but a jovial, positive attitude is essential. You’re paying these people to give you a stress-free roofing experience, not to ruin your day! A friendly, positive attitude when interacting with you is also a good indicator of how they approach their work: with optimism, passion, and joy. Of course, those characteristics will certainly lead to a job well done.

●        They look out for their workers (and you!) | Face it: none of us are at our best when we’re forced to perform in detrimental environments (i.e., when it’s too hot or too cold or the surroundings are otherwise unsafe). While your roofing contractor should certainly make every effort to get the job done on time, if extenuating circumstances make it unsafe to go to work, they should work with you, the client, to make sure everyone is on the same page and then to reschedule. Demonstrating care to all parties involved shows that your roofing contractor truly values the quality and timeliness of the finished product.

●        They’re big on open communication | The world of roofing is wide and complicated. Your roofing contractor’s job is to simplify it for you so you can make the best decisions for your budget, lifestyle, and tastes. During consultations with your roofing contractor, you should feel that they’ve educated you enough to ask questions, refuse options, and generally feel good about what roofing style you’ve landed on. Expect no less than crystal clear communication.

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