It’s all too easy to take a thing for granted until it stops working entirely. For example, we hardly stop to take into account all the miles our cars drive us until they stop working. We don’t think much of our phone’s faithful service until we accidentally put it through the washing machine. Public transportation is always on time—until it isn’t, and we’re forced to deal with our boss’s ire upon finally arriving at work.

Such, too, is the nature of our home’s gutter system. Take it from a team of gutter installers and seamless gutter experts: these seemingly plain pipes do a ton for your home. These gutters:

●        Faithfully redirect rainwater away from your roof | As strong as all roofing companies strive to do their work, no roof is made to be submerged, even in patches, for a prolonged period of time. Your gutters work overtime to collect rain and meltwater from your roof’s slope and safely redirect it away from your home, leaving your roof to dry in the sunshine.

●        Stop the dreaded ice dam, if well-taken-care of | Ice dams form via a complicated interaction of heat and snow on your roof. Here’s a blog on them from your dedicated ice dam removal professionals at Midwest Exteriors MN! Gutters play a similarly complicated role in the formation of these, but the gist of the matter, though, is that when your gutters are clean and well-maintained, they are less likely to cause the kinds of backups that can facilitate ice dams. When your gutters are cleaned out regularly (especially before winter hits), and you’ve invested in gutter guards, they help to keep these Minnesotan menaces at bay.

●        Keep your foundation tough | So what, you may think if the water from my roof falls straight down? What’s so special about the ground? Nothing much until you consider that your home’s foundation lies within. Water can erode even solid rock over time, and that kind of power does not bode well for the steadiness of your foundation or its surroundings. Your gutters help to make sure that the soil and foundation that your home stands on is kept safe from the steady degradation that can come with prolonged water exposure.

As you can see, gutters work tirelessly to protect your roof and foundation and thus render themselves crucial guardians of your home’s structural integrity. In plainer terms: they’re important, and you should care about how they’re faring!

While knowing if your seamless gutters (or another kind of gutters) have a problem is, of course, imperative, knowing what’s normal is necessary, too. When you know both the signs that something is amiss and the signs that all is well, you’ll be able to spot problems in their smallest stages, before they snowball into something that only new gutter installation can fix.

How Should my Gutters Be Performing?

Speedily and efficiently, of course! But you knew that. Especially if your system has come from Midwest Exteriors MN, your gutters should work like well-oiled machines, as well as booking the part. This means:

●        They should be flush with your fascia | Never heard of fascia? We don’t blame you; it isn’t something homeowners frequently talk amongst themselves about! Your fascia is the area in front of the overhang of your roof. Your gutters frequently attach to it. Ask your gutter installers to show it to you at your next appointment! Your gutters should be completely parallel to your fascia, without any sags, dips, or dents, which can cause overflow and negate your gutters’ endeavors to protect your foundation.

●        They should not overflow | Unless you’re weathering the storm of the century, your gutters should not overflow. Period. Overflow doesn’t just pose a hazard to your foundation; it can make for moisture-damaged siding, too. Gutter guards and similar products can help keep the debris, which can cause overflow out of your gutter system, as well as make your cleaning job a lot easier.

●        Nothing should be living in them | We’re going to say it: gutters are not animal nests. Yes, sparrows are cute, and yes, bees really do help out the environment, but having them in your gutters does more harm than good. The added weight of animal nests is not something your gutters are equipped to handle, for one, and it can place excessive strain on them. If it’s a severe enough problem, animal nests can also cause standing water to back up into your gutters, which creates the perfect nursery for Minnesota’s second state bird: the mosquito. Stop the development of a “gutter ecosystem,” so to speak, early by periodically cleaning your gutters and investing in gutter guards.

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