Clog: what an unattractive word! Aside from sounding downright clunky, it’s associated with a number of nasty situations: clogged toilets, clogged drains, clogged fuel pipes—and, perhaps most dastardly of all, clogged gutters. Take it from a gutter installation company; you don’t want to be dealing with these. At all. Clamoring up to remove them in between gutter cleanings is a  nuisance on its own, but these gutter malfunctions can do a lot more damage than causing undue stress on your day off. In fact, they can downright wreak havoc on your home if left unchecked.


●        Clogged gutters set the stage for mosquito growth | While this might not be too much of a concern heading into the winter months, you certainly don’t want to be fending off what some call Minnesota’s second state bird during peaceful summer nights. Plus, mosquitos are known to carry diseases, such as West Nile Virus, that can seriously impact your health. Talk about a summertime downer! Clogged gutters make your home prime real estate for these biting nuisances, as they can create standing puddles of water that remain relatively undisturbed, being off the ground. These pools are the perfect space for mosquitos to set up shop, as their larvae need this quiet water to grow into adults. Do you want to enjoy your yard without a nice tattoo of red welts as a result? Then make sure your gutters are free of clogs.

●        Clogged gutters make it more likely that ice dams will form | Most Minnesotans are aware of the local wintertime nuisance known as the ice dam—if not, check out our blog on ice dam removal to learn all about them. In short, they’re a buildup of ice on your roof that eventually prevents meltwater from flowing down into your gutters and being disposed of safely. That water puddles on your roof, seeping beneath your shingles and causing both moisture damage and, potentially, mold growth. When gutters are clogged with debris, water from your roof cannot flow through them as efficiently, increasing the likelihood that that water will freeze and contribute to ice-dam formation. To prevent your home’s falling apart in the dead of winter or requiring hefty work from a roofing contractor in the spring, make sure your gutters can do their job properly by keeping them clean and clog-free.

●        Clogged gutters can damage your foundation | Even though your gutters are probably pretty far away from your foundation (the latter is often subterranean, after all!), illy-directed rainwater can still take its toll on the very thing that keeps your home standing. Gutters’ sole job is to keep water away from the foundation and the surrounding soil. If overflow occurs due to a clog, your home will endure strain that it’s likely not constructed to handle. While a little water is nothing to worry about, over time, a seriously clogged gutter system can cause enough damage to even crack the foundation itself, resulting in quite an unsafe situation! Keeping your gutters clog-free isn’t just a matter of practicality; it can be a matter of ensuring the health of your home and your family.

Indeed, clogs can be quite damaging to many areas of your home, and even to your health! It’s paramount that you prevent these nuisances before they overrun your gutter system. Don’t fret, though; keeping your gutters clog-free is quite simple with the right maintenance—and with buying the right gutter system in the first place.

●        Invest in seamless gutters | Traditional gutters—also known as sectional gutters—are made up of interlocking parts, and the seams these gutters possess are the perfect places for debris to get caught and make the clogs you most certainly don’t crave. Seamless gutters, on the other hand, are custom-cut to fit your home and have fewer clog-collecting seams. They also come with a host of other benefits, which you can read about on this blog about seamless gutters.

●        Consider gutter guards | These gutter protection systems are designed to keep larger chunks of debris out of your gutters, drastically decreasing the likelihood you’ll experience clogs. As a bonus, they also mean that you’ll need to clean your gutters far less frequently! Just make sure now and again that the gutter guards themselves aren’t obscured by leaves and the like; this will make sure they can serve their intended purpose.

●        Clean or check on your gutters every season | Though most people clean their gutters in the fall, there’s no harm in getting up there more frequently, at least to make sure that everything is working as it should be. For example, you might find yourself unable to rid your gutters completely of snow during the winter months, but you can still inspect them to make sure they’re clog-free and functioning.

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