With the state of the world as it has been since March, it’s only natural to want to buckle down and save some cash. We at Midwest Exteriors MN, as a roofing company and gutter installation professionals, totally understand prioritizing your financial well being. Aside from giving the gift of beautiful home exteriors to deserving Minnesotan families, the satisfaction of helping those families save big has always been what we strive to achieve. Hence why we’re here today to talk about why you should replace your roof.

Roof replacement? You might be thinking. Isn’t that expensive? Well, yes, any home exterior renovation will cost you money. There is a lot that goes into it, after all! But take it from a roofing contractor: the expense of purchasing a new roof, should you be a candidate for roof replacement, is far less significant than the expense of the consequences. While not all ailing roofs need to be replaced, those that do, if left unattended, can cost you dearly in terms of:

●        Your family’s health | Roofs, alongside working seamless gutter systems, protect your home from rainwater. While your family might not suffer direly if your roof were to spring a leak, your home itself is another story. Dark places that fall victim to the moisture damage that a leak can cause can quickly become prime real estate for mold growth. And don’t think you can simply clean this mold up: it often will hide in places, such as walls or attics, that aren’t readily visible. Mold isn’t just an eyesore, though; the presence of certain species can mean nasty consequences when it comes to your family’s health, including respiratory stress in those susceptible. Don’t let a roof in need of replacement harm those you love—take care of replacement today.

●        Stress | As you’re reading this, you might think that you have a lot more stressful things—bills, your family life, your career—than a roof in need of replacement, but this isn’t always the case. Roofs that are seriously sagging can actually cave in, most likely rendering your home uninhabitable until the damage is fixed. Until you get a handle on your ailing roof, then, you’re essentially living inside an unpredictable bomb that could get set off at any moment, causing potential injury, the destruction of belongings, and a chain reaction of chaotic events as you scrabble to relocate and pick up the pieces. Are you stressed yet? We don’t blame you, but you won’t need to be for long if you take care of your replacement needs quickly.

●        Your image | While probably not the worst consequence of leaving a roof in need of replacement unattended, your image is still significant enough to warrant a mention from us—and attention from you. As a homeowner, you care deeply about your house. It’s probably one of your largest investments to date, and you probably take great pride in its appearance and how that appearance reflects upon your family. If your roof were to become dilapidated and saggy, what kind of an image would that cast upon you and your loved ones? Would you feel ashamed, inviting your extended relatives over for holiday dinners? Indeed, your reputation and pride can suffer if you leave your ailing roof to its own devices, so get a replacement done today and avoid a hefty helping of shame.

Would you rather pay for a shiny new roof now, or pay in terms of your family’s health, your own emotional wellbeing, and your reputation later? We don’t think we need to answer that one. But don’t go digging through a list of local condo contractors or home exterior contractors: you’ll find just the contractor you need right here at Midwest Exteriors MN.

●        We pride ourselves on helping you save | It’s right there in our mission: to offer the best products and the best service at the most affordable cost. As we said, we understand that new roofing can get expensive for many homeowners, and we’re here, in truly service-minded fashion, to eliminate some of those cost barriers so that you can get the new roof you need to keep your family healthy and your lives on-track.

●        We aren’t new to the industry | We’ve been a member of the Better Business Bureau since 1999; we’ve had quite a few years to become good at what we do. We aren’t like those unestablished roofing contractors who go door-to-door after storms, hawking their services and taking advantage of people in need. We’re the real deal, and we’ve got the work portfolio to prove it.

●        Need something else taken care of, too? We’re here to help | From gutter installation to house washing to ice dam removal, we offer a huge roster of services aside from roofing. We can take care of anything your home happens to need to be done in one fell swoop. Plus, our cross-disciplinary knowledge enables us to better assess your home’s problems and determine their true cause, not just their cause as related to one area of your exterior or another.

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