You’re trudging out the door to work one winter morning, clutching your travel mug in hand, when suddenly, something drips on your head. Rubbing your hair, you risk a glance upward and see it: Your gutters appear to have wide cracks between the sections. What do you do?

You know how important functional gutters are to your home’s longevity. Do you call for gutter installers, or will repairs suffice?

Don’t fret, Midwest Exteriors MN is here with the answers. As much as the “saving money” aspect of gutter repair appeals to you, gutter replacement with seamless gutters is typically the best way to go when it comes to gutter cracks, for a variety of reasons.

You’ll Have to Do Gutter Repairs Over and Over

Materials like caulk and adhesive require inspection and upkeep year after year, season after season. This is probably something you’re already doing with your gutters; why add another thing to your to-do list?

Your Whole Gutter System May Be Damaged

When one part of your gutter system fails, others tend to follow. This is especially the case with seamed, or sectional, gutters. Unless your gutter system experiences extremely uneven amounts of wear and tear, failure of the rest of the system is probably not far in the future for you.

Don’t bother deluging your falling-apart gutter system with caulk. Choose the stress-free option of replacement – you’ll eventually need it anyway. Like we said, caulk and the like are only temporary solutions.

Give Your Gutters a Much-Needed Upgrade

Obviously, there is an issue with your current gutter system that caused it to crack, be it a lack of care or simple shoddiness. In the latter case, a brand new gutter system from Midwest Exteriors MN can ensure failure for the same reason doesn’t happen again.

We strive to provide only the best exterior products as home and condo contractors. In the former case, a new gutter system simply screams to be taken care of, which in turn helps prevent failure and cracks on its own. You want to protect your investment from harm, of course, even if it’s naturally hardier than your old gutter system!

Repairs, as you can see, are simply delaying the inevitable in the case of gutter cracks. They only put a bandaid over what you truly need: gutter replacement. Contact Midwest Exteriors MN today and chat with our team of gutter installers! We’ll make the process quick and stress-free so you can get back to your busy life, your mind at ease now that quite a significant problem has been taken care of.

That being said, we aren’t advising you let your cracked gutters sit until we arrive. As we stated above, your gutters are a crucial part of what keeps your home running, so you’ll need to make do in the meantime.

Rest assured, we’ll be out as quick as we can! Our quality-focused mindset as a business wouldn’t allow otherwise. But every moment your home spends without a working gutter system is a moment left unprotected from moisture, which is quite damaging when it gets where it shouldn’t be. Take action and, after calling for help, do what you can (safely) to protect your home yourself.

What to Do With Broken Gutters Until Help Arrives

●      Patching could be useful in a pinch.

It’s a temporary fix, as stated above, but if you’re truly concerned about your foundation and your roofing, a patch can help deal with the gutter issue until we get on the scene.

Only do this if you are physically able, experienced with the job, and weather conditions are conducive to your safety. You’ll also need the proper gear.

●      Sealants might work.

If a crack occurs near a joint, consider sealing it up so your home remains safe. As with the aforementioned tip, consider the situation thoroughly before taking on this potentially risky task.

If you’re at all hesitant or inexperienced, just wait for your professional help. With a quick gutter company like Midwest Exteriors MN speeding your way, you don’t need to worry about any significant damage.

●      Clearing clogs may help.

Sometimes what you think may be a crack isn’t a crack at all, but simply a gutter clog that’s causing overflow. Try cleaning out your gutters and assessing the problem afterwards.

In the case of a clog, it’s still beneficial to have a professional on the way. Clogs can signal structural problems in your gutter system or a poor care routine, both of which a professional gutter installer can remedy.

Contact Midwest Exteriors MN Now for Speedy Gutter Help

If you’re experiencing gutter failure, don’t delay. Your home’s structural integrity is on the line!

Midwest Exteriors MN is home to a Lake Elmo team that is primed and ready to get your gutters working again. For swift and deft gutter failure resolutions, give us a call today at 651-346-9477.