As the snow outside turns the hue of cold dishwater, Minnesotans across the state are beginning to come back to life, so to speak, after a long and harsh winter. Indeed, we’ve got a way of hunkering down to weather the cold, and now that it’s nearing spring, it almost might feel as though neighborhoods are coming out of hibernation.

But your home hasn’t had the chance to hibernate! It’s spent all winter keeping your family warm and safe, and as you can imagine, our weather can take quite the toll on it. This is Minnesota we’re talking about, after all – one day it’s forty degrees in January, and the next is a full-blown blizzard!

Your exterior goes through a lot, and it sure needs some tending to come spring. One area in particular you should focus on is your gutters.

Why Is Spring Gutter Maintenance Important?

You might not think those metal tubes that run around your eaves are that important, but they do quite a bit to protect your home. In fact, we’ve written an entire gutter installer blog on the subject!

In other words, gutter maintenance is important because your gutters are important! Healthy gutters mean other parts of your home are kept safe from water damage.

Healthy Roofing

Well-maintained gutters better move standing water, preventing that water from working under your shingles and causing structural decay.

Long-Lasting Siding

When your gutters can efficiently serve their purpose – safely draining rainwater – they keep your siding from staining and ward off fungal growth. 

Stable Foundation

The stuff your home stands upon does best when the soil around it is stable. Water seeping into that soil from poorly maintained gutters causes shifting and, eventually, your foundation to crack.

In short, it’s imperative that you study up on spring gutter maintenance because the wellbeing of your gutters ensures the wellbeing of your home. Plus, given that we’re likely undergoing some seriously slushy weather at the time of your reading this, your gutters will likely be working overtime. Now more than ever, they need to be functioning at their prime.

Three Simple Spring Gutter Maintenance Tips

Luckily, Midwest Exteriors MN is here with the knowledge you need to keep your gutters going strong. It all boils down to preventative action: making small repairs before there are major problems.

1.      Sweep out ice and debris before your first spring storm.

On a nice warm day, climb up there and perform a thorough gutter cleaning. As gutter installation experts, regular cleaning is the number one thing we recommend to keep this part of your home going strong. Make sure your ladder is secure, though, as the ground can still be slick this time of year! Wear a thick pair of gloves, too, as wet hands can get quite cold, even if temperatures are well above freezing.

2.      Check your gutters over for cracks before they need to deal with wet weather.

Snow accumulation and harsh weather can mean that old or poorly maintained gutters can give up the ghost come spring. Save yourself from an ailing home and consider gutter replacement before disaster strikes.

3.      Make your yearly appointment with a home contractor ASAP.

As business picks up again in the spring, your preferred home or condo contractor’s schedule can quickly fill up with to-do’s. If you haven’t already, call them up as soon as you can to book your annual inspection or get a price for work you need done.

You don’t want to wait until your home falls apart before you get the care it needs! That’s much more expensive than a quote, which Midwest Exteriors MN can give you for free.

Try Seamless Gutters or Gutter Guards for Easier Maintenance

Struggling to keep up with your home’s exterior, or are your gutters failing under pressure? Consider seamless gutters from Midwest Exteriors MN.

Because they don’t have as many interlocking parts as do their traditional counterparts, seamless gutters are far less prone to accumulating debris, making spring cleaning and maintenance a snap. Plus, being more structurally sound than sectional varieties, they’ll also handle winter better – meaning that you’re less likely to need to pay for replacement or repairs once the weather turns warm.

Gutter guards are also a great way to streamline spring maintenance – and all-season maintenance, for that matter! They fit over your gutters and, using a series of small holes, allow water in while keeping debris out. Gross buildups and animal nests will be all but a thing of the past!

Contact Midwest Exteriors MN for Speedy Gutter Assistance

If you’re unaccustomed to taking care of gutters, or are suddenly finding that yours aren’t as hardy as you thought they were, our experienced and detail-oriented Lake Elmo team is ready to help. We originally opened our doors while specializing in gutters, and our quality-without-question pledge applies to every facet of what we do, from consultation to execution. You won’t find a better gutter installer. Give us a call today at 651-346-9477.