As the warmer weather rolls around, you might be more focused on the interior of your home instead of the exterior. Spring cleaning is definitely easy to get wrapped up in! As important as this yearly ritual is, don’t forget about the thing that’s steadfastly protected your family from the winter snow and chill: your roof. It’s just endured a whole season of the elements. It needs some care and attention, too!

You could not feel qualified in all senses of the word to give your roof that care and attention, though. Climbing up there might rightfully scare the daylights out of you, especially because it’s probably slick out there right now, given what a typical Minnesotan March looks like. Besides, once you do get up there, what exactly are you looking for? Every roof is unique and shows signs of wear and tear differently. It’d take a keen eye and a whole lot of knowledge to pinpoint how, if at all, your roof has suffered due to winter storms and if you’ll need storm damage roof repair. What’s worse: If even a minute roofing problem is missed, the consequences can be dire.

Luckily, Midwest Exteriors MN is here to help. With our decades of experience and proven track record as roofing contractors, we’re the perfect professional for your springtime roof wellness check, because the importance of that wellness check can’t be overstated.

Why Are Roofing Checkups So Critical?

If your roof has stood the test of time, you might not bother to prioritize such a service. Don't roofing professionals stand behind their work?

While any roofing company worth their salt does exactly that, nobody can predict freak accidents or nasty unforeseen weather conditions. Because your roof isn’t exactly something you check up on daily, you might not even know that they’ve taken a toll on it.

Moreover, roofing problems of any sort have a tendency to snowball. Even a single missing shingle, if not promptly remedied, can spell disaster for the underside of your roof and your home, as neither of those are designed to be exposed to the elements. That’s the absent shingle’s job!

Take the following apparently miniscule problems – the type you’d need a professional roofing company to spot – as further examples and watch how they exponentially worsen if left alone.

Hidden Puddles

A little water never hurt anyone, but it certainly has the potential to if it takes up residence on your roof! Any type of standing water, no matter how small, can work its way underneath the shingles, causing water damage and opening the door for mold growth. Puddles can form in many places and for many reasons, but they’re often invisible from ground level, so get a pro up there to make sure your home stays water-damage free.

Roof Leaks

You may have seen a character in the movies casually throw a pot under a leak in their roof, but in the real world such an issue is much more urgent. Regardless of their cause, they mean that water is getting into places it shouldn’t be. Just like with puddles, this leads to long-term structural damage and mold.

Holes in Your Soffit

Soffit is the area of your roof that connects the eaves to the rest of your home. Since you probably haven’t even put a name to this area until just now, you probably didn’t know that even the smallest, most inconsequential-looking hole in it is incredibly appealing to animals looking for a new den. And where there’s one animal, more are likely to show up!

Learn more about how to protect your roof from unwanted inhabitants here, but make sure to get a pro out for an inspection to spot any hidden problem areas before you get a host of new houseguests.

What to Expect During Your Roof Inspection

As you can see, regular roofing inspection prevents even things that look like no big deal from becoming very big deals. Because a roofing inspection is likewise a big deal, we at Midwest Exteriors MN spare no effort to be thorough while on the job. We’ll check over various areas of your home, carefully inspecting the building materials for signs of damage, excessive aging, or failure.

The Attic

Many signs of roofing damage, if severe, are visible from inside of your home. We’ll inspect every nook and cranny and leave no stone unturned.

The Outer Structures

Everything from faulty gutters to rotting soffit can indicate deeper structural problems within your roof, so assessing the health of these is an integral part of our inspection process.

The Shingles

We’ll scale even the tallest roofs and search for bald spots, bending, or hail damage. A chink in your shingles is a chink in your home’ armor.

The Workmanship

If we notice something seriously amiss with your previous roofing contractor’s work, we’ll speak up. That way, you know to keep an eye out for any resulting issues in the future and can consider roof replacement if need be.

After we’ve run diagnostics, so to speak, we’ll give you an in-depth report of your roof’s overall health, from soffit to shingle. Just as we’re thorough with our inspection work, we’re thorough in our communications. You’ll feel informed and empowered after we leave your property, armed with the knowledge you need to take better care of your home.

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