Picture this: You’ve just driven a full two hours for a much anticipated visit to your summer cabin. You head downstairs to turn the electricity back on, and there’s a sploosh. You’re up to your cuffs in water—reeking water, water that’s been standing for goodness knows how long.

Your basement has flooded! What could be to blame? And why does cleaning up the damage have to ruin a much-needed vacation?

To answer those respectively: your gutters, and it doesn’t have to if you properly take care of them, though that can be a little difficult for the uninitiated, seeing as you’re only at your cabin for short times out of the year.

Midwest Exteriors MN, as always, is here to make maintaining your exterior as simple and stress-free as possible. Below, we’ll dive into further detail about cabins and gutters, letting you know how to take care of them—and what can happen if you don’t.

The Consequences of Not Caring for Your Cabin’s Gutters

As gutter installers, we’ve seen more than our fair share of disastrous gutter situations, and we don’t hesitate to call them that. Seeing as your gutters are a critical part of what directs rainwater away from your beloved cabin retreat, their malfunctioning leaves it nearly defenseless. And defenselessness has bigger consequences than a little unexpected water in your basement, especially when it comes to infrequently-visited cabins.

Mold Growth Is a Direct Result of Poor Moisture Management

Your summer cabin is left undisturbed and untouched for a majority of the year, with no light other than that from the sun. When you add moisture accumulation as a result of poorly cared-for gutters, it’s the perfect area for mold to begin to accumulate, and massively so. Your cabin is supposed to be clean and relaxing, not as moldy as a box of forgotten leftovers, so proper gutter care is essential!

Ailing Gutter Systems Mean Your Outdoor Gear and Furniture Is At Risk

You of course have decked out your cabin to be the ideal getaway space. If you’re a hunter, perhaps it’s home to your trophy catches, or if you’re a comfort-seeker perhaps to your prized and cloudlike sofa and fireplace.

When you neglect your gutters and let moisture in, you risk these treasured belongings becoming similarly exposed, which can damage them beyond repair. Don’t risk what makes your cabin so amazing; be smart about your gutters!

Caring for Your Cabin’s Gutters

In many ways, caring for your cabin’s gutters is no different from caring from those used at your home. There’s nothing special about them in that respect! If you need a primer on basic gutter care, check out the following blogs for more information:

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For the sake of this blog, we’ll focus on the gutter care difficulties encountered by cabin owners—namely, the lack of proximity and how to navigate it.

Invest in Gutter Guards

Of course, we’ve written a whole article on this subject too. Check it out: “Why Invest in Gutter Guards.” To summarize that piece, though, these devices fit over your gutters, seamless gutters or otherwise, and prevent larger pieces of debris from falling in and clogging up the works. We at Midwest Exteriors MN

While your gutters will still need cleaning, it will take far less time and need to happen far less frequently. This, of course, is ideal for cabin owners, who want to minimize the work associated with that space and (rightfully) maximise time for fun.

Consider Hiring Maintenance Professionals

If you’ve got the cash, there’s no reason you can’t call up a local professional for help. There are plenty of gutter cleaning services across the state; just schedule them to show up on your first planned cabin trip. You’ll be able to kick back lakeside while resting easy, knowing your cabin is being taken care of.

Compartmentalize Maintenance Trips

If you really must do the maintenance yourself, we recommend doing so on a separate trip. We know, we know, it’s an inconvenience—but think of it this way. When you head up to the cabin for the first time this June, all you need to worry about is having fun, not maintenance, and not water damage. Tackle all of your seasonal chores in one fell swoop and spend the rest of your cabin trips not even thinking about them.

Midwest Exteriors MN: Your Source for Convenient Gutter Installation

In addition to gutter guards, seamless gutters can majorly up your gutter game, reducing maintenance requirements and simplifying your summertime getaways. To learn more about or to ask about our services as roofing contractors, gutter installers, and more, call our Lake Elmo office today at 651-346-9477. We look forward to serving you!