If you run an HOA, you’ve got a lot on your plate. From maintaining community amenities and common buildings to managing neighborhood finances, this volunteer position comes with a fair share of duties—one of which, of course, is maintaining a high standard of living for those who pay association dues.

You are therefore also responsible for choosing what sorts of financial investments are smart for your neighborhood’s exterior aesthetic. While many HOA boards like to go big when it comes to this, frequently hiring landscaping experts and the like, one renovation that’s often poorly discussed is gutters.

Is gutter installation considered a “smart” renovation plan on a limited reserve account? Midwest Exteriors MN is here with the answers. As devoted condo contractors and HOA partners, we’ve helped boards across the state keep their neighborhood exteriors going strong—and given that we started our business in 1994 specializing in gutters, we certainly know a thing or two.

Seamless Gutters Are Always a Great HOA Renovation

To better understand our answer to the question of if gutters are a good idea, it’s important to know that they come in two broad categories: Seamed and seamless. Seamed gutters consist of a series of parts that interlock, while seamless gutters are long “pipes” specially cut to fit a given building. The latter category is always an awesome upgrade for any HOA.

New Seamless Gutters Lend a Neighborhood a Luxurious Air

Seamed gutters are old-school and clunky-looking. Plus, they have many spaces where debris can get caught, which severely impacts how your HOA’s gutters direct streams of water away from your precious and pricey landscaping.

If you want to keep a space looking nice, seamless gutters are the way to go. They’re sleek and understated, making your community look charmingly modern. Plus, they clog less frequently, meaning that the landscaping you’ve invested so much in will last you longer.

New Seamless Gutters Help Maintain Community Amenities

You work hard to keep up with the neighborhood’s common spaces—wouldn’t it be nice if there was a renovation that did the same? Luckily, there is, and you’re reading about it!

Seamless gutters reliably direct rainwater away from your coveted community spaces, day in and day out, asking little but a few simple clean-outs per year to keep up their crusade. Were this water allowed to fall straight down, which can happen with easy-to-clog seamed gutters, it could cause some major structural damage, such as

●        Siding stains

●        Cracked foundation

●        Soil erosion

●        Mosquito numbers rising

Given that gutters are faithful, reliable, and an integral part of a building’s protection system—just check out our gutter installer blog “How Gutters Protect Your Home’s Exterior”—it’s no doubt a smart move to make sure your HOA is equipped with the best.

If You’re on a Budget, We Can Help

It’s a subject nobody likes to talk about or work with: monetary restrictions. And just because you’re working with larger sums than a single homeowner might doesn’t mean HOA boards are an exception.

Deciding what renovation to spend a limited reserve account amount on can be tricky. We get it. That’s why we at Midwest Exteriors MN are here to help. We’ve worked with HOAs just like yours, and we know that a gutter installation when it comes to an entire neighborhood is more than just a gutter installation—and we’re more than gutter installers.

We’ll Attend Board Meetings Ourselves

While we (and, now, you) know all about the benefits of seamless gutters for an HOA, other board members might not be fully enlightened. To help educate and see if you’re ready for gutter installation, we’ll sit in at meetings and answer questions on the spot. We go above and beyond what’s expected of HOA vendors because you go above and beyond for your neighborhood; in doing so, we can communicate in real time and help you choose an exterior renovation that works financially for you.

We’ll Negotiate With Insurance Companies

Put money and insurance policies together and you get… well, something that’s a major headache for board members, that’s what!

We at Midwest Exteriors MN understand, and we also understand that your insurance claim might be a major way that your HOA is paying for a given renovation. We therefore humbly volunteer ourselves to meet with insurance adjusters on the board’s behalf.

It’s not common practice, no, but we’re not common gutter installers, and your neighborhood isn’t common, either. You deserve only the best in service, and it’s this we’ve long pledged to provide.

Midwest Exteriors MN: Quality Without Question

In need of the smart solution that is seamless gutters? We’d be honored to be selected as your HOA’s exterior contractor. For a team whose motto is its promise, give our Lake Elmo office a call today at 651-346-9477. We look forward to serving you!