When it gets sweltering, as it tends to do in July here in Minnesota, you’re probably spending quite a bit of time indoors in the AC. It’s sure a relief to stay cool when things get this hot!

Your roof, however, doesn’t have this luxury. Day in and day out, it must protect what lies beneath it from scorching temperatures, never getting relief save for nightfall. While of course roofing isn’t sentient—it can’t feel this heat—the question does remain if prolonged or excessively hot temperatures harm the structure in any way. If you’ve touched a shingle on a warm day before, you know how toasty it can be!

Midwest Exteriors MN, your first-class Lake Elmo roofing company, is here with all the answers (and nuances) below.

Heat and Roofing Damage: A Complicated Topic

The short answer: yes, heat can play a role in roofing damage. However, how much of a role depends on a variety of things, most prominently:

●        The type of roofing you have

●        How well you’ve taken care of your roof

●        How much humidity your roof experiences

These factors interact and interplay, sometimes amplifying one another’s detrimental effects; it can be difficult for the layperson to pinpoint if it’s heat and heat alone that’s responsible for their roofing woes. Alone, though, they sure can lead to a disheveled roof if not properly managed.

How Heat Damage Is Affected by Roofing Type

Before we begin this section, a caveat: many roofing brands today make tough-as-roofing-nails shingles. For example, GAF Roofing, the brand that we sell, has models that come with great warranties, and the company maintains stringent testing standards to ensure each product produced is quality.

In general and outside of the GAF brand, however, asphalt shingles do tend to suffer under the heat the most. This doesn’t mean that if you have them, your house is falling apart! It means that you’ll just need to keep an eye on them in the summer months and invest in high-quality roofing materials like those GAF produces.

Roofing Care and Damage From Heat: Directly Linked

Unfortunately, heat damage opens up the door for a variety of other problems; if shingles are allowed to crack thanks to high temperatures, water can easily find its way through come the next storm. When it gets hot again, that water, combined with the darkness of your attic, makes the perfect opportunity for mold to set up shop.

Well-maintained roofs, however, don’t have issues that snowball as such. We’ll get to saving your roof from the sun in a bit.

Humidity: it Can be Harmful

High humidity—for most of us, it’s something that just means the air feels like hot soup, but for your roof, it can be downright damaging. Heat and humidity together are a great recipe for mold problems, which can eat away at the support systems your roof relies on to stay upright. Needless to say, that’s a big problem!

Heat on its own also can cause wooden roofing parts to expand, resulting in cracking. Again, that’s an issue so large that it’s worthy of professional attention.

Keeping Your Roof Cool Under Pressure

So what do you do to stop this terrifying trifecta of damage in its tracks?

As we did before, we’ll preface this section: generally, you don’t need to treat your roofing with kid gloves. Provided it was properly installed and well-maintained, you should have over your head a stress-free structure that’s stalwart in the heat. However, there are still quite a few things you can do to ensure your roof is extra safe from heat damage:

Watch Your Attic Ventilation

A large portion of the humidity that gets trapped in your roof comes from household activities—showering, washing dishes, the like. If your attic is not properly ventilated, this humidity can accumulate in your attic, resulting in the mold issues mentioned before.

The solution to this: Adequate attic ventilation! Check out our roofing contractor blog, “The Importance of Proper Roofing Ventilation” for more info on the subject.

Stick With Sturdy Shingles

Minnesota is no place for the weak, as far as roofing is concerned! If you’re in the market for asphalt shingles, stick with the top-quality brand that’s GAF. With their products’ state-of-the-art construction and the brand’s dedication to innovation, you can rest easy knowing that what’s protecting your family is tough on all sorts of weather conditions.

Stay on Top of Storm Damage

As we described, heat problems have a tendency to snowball given the slightest entrance, and storm damage can make that entrance, well, quite large. After bad weather rolls through your area, as is so common here during the summer months, get a pro out to your property to inspect for shingle damage. Trust us: you’ll feel much better knowing you nipped potential head-related problems in the bud.

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