A while back on our seamless gutters blog, we talked about “Making Your Roof Unappealing to Winter Attic Inhabitants.” While it's no longer cold (hello summer!), it sure doesn’t mean nature takes a break! Nature would love to intrude on your home at any time of year, summer included, and nowhere is this more evident than in your gutter system.

If you’re reading this, though, you probably already know. Whether it’s birds, bees, or mosquitos, something has already taken up residence in your gutters, and you’re looking for advice on how to give it the boot. Rest assured that Midwest Exteriors MN, your Lake Elmo gutter installers, has the answers below.

Battling Birds

Songbirds, of course, sound beautiful, but they certainly don’t look it when they decide your gutters are prime territory for child-rearing!

Bird nests in gutters are problematic because they cause clogs. Clogs, as our blog “What Clogged Gutters Can Do to Your Home” points out, can damage your home’s foundation, leading to expensive repairs. Plus, the resulting overflowing gutters can stain your siding installation and ruin your landscaping. On top of all that, when it rains, the poor birds certainly won’t appreciate what, to them, is practically a flood!

You therefore of course want to relocate these little guys to somewhere that’s better for everyone. But that’s easier said than done in most cases.

What to Consider Before Removing Birds From Your Gutters

First, you must understand local laws. Quite a few areas forbid homeowners from moving certain kinds of nests at certain points in the year, whether by hand or by trap. In fact, there are even federal laws along these lines; check out the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918, for example.

Secondly, think about the risk of disease. If you find you are allowed to remove the bird’s nest, understand that wild birds pose a health risk to humans. They can transmit quite serious illnesses, such as Salmonella.

Because of both of these factors, we recommend contacting a local pest control agent instead of moving any offending nests yourself. Just like our team of gutter installers, these pros will make the job seamless and stress-free, getting your home back to looking its best and the birds to safety in no time.

Baffling Bees

What on Earth would cause a bunch of bees to nest in your gutter installation? While you’re probably all for promoting the welfare of pollinators, you no doubt want them out of there, as there’s quite a risk of being stung. Wasps and hornets are even more aggressive than their honey-making counterparts!

Aside from that, though, bees are good for the planet, and just like wild birds, they’re not safe in your gutters. Relocating the colony is best for both you and for the insects. Finally, if the nest is big, your gutters could sustain serious damage, as they’re not designed to hold up such vast amounts of weight.

Get a Professional on the Scene

Stinging insects and amateur hands don’t mix; removing bees or wasps is a job for a professional, especially since climbing a ladder means you’d be stuck up there for a bit. This professional will be able to tell you if the bugs pose a serious threat to your family and are nesting in your gutter installation, or if they’re just stopping by for a visit to collect water or feast on leaf litter.

In the latter case, it can be a sign that you’ll need to clean out your gutters after the pro leaves, or the problem will just keep happening. Consider investing in seamless gutters or gutter protection if you’re struggling with upkeep.

Meddling Mosquitos

Feeling itchy lately? It could be a sign that standing water has backed up in your gutter system, creating a perfect summer breeding ground for local mosquito colonies. These insects appreciate stagnant water, with some making use of even the temporary stuff, such as when your clogged gutters puddle up when it rains.

The solution to this one is simple: Stay on top of gutter maintenance! Even after the infestation has begun, you can get up there and clean out their habitats—though we still recommend professional help to do this, as mosquitos can carry disease. Plus, all those scratchy bites? No thank you!

If, again, seasonally cleaning your gutters and downspouts is beyond your capabilities, check out gutter protection products. By allowing water in and filtering leaves out, they keep your gutters tidy for longer.

Nature Got your Gutters in a Twist? Midwest Exteriors MN Has the High-End Systems you Need

The good news is that you’re never alone in the battle against vermin. Our team of home and condo contractors has state-of-the-art seamless gutter and gutter protection systems that are practically pest-proof. To upgrade your gutters and make them worry-free, give our Lake Elmo office a call today at 651-346-9477.