You say goodbye, hang up the phone, and it’s official: you’re getting a new roof! While it might take a few appointments from the first chat to the last shingle, it certainly is a thrilling time nonetheless. How often is it that you get to make such a drastic, standout change to your home’s exterior?

Of course, the thought of that might also make you a bit nervous—as can not knowing what the process will look like from beginning to end, and that’s why Midwest Exteriors MN, your Lake Elmo professional roofing contractors, are here to help. While timelines and specifics will vary depending on the contractor and material used, below we provide a general outline for the roofing process to help you navigate this new territory.

Before Nail Gun Meets Shingle

Before any roofing company sets foot on top of your house, they should do their due diligence with preemptive housekeeping, so to speak—and, of course, figuring out what you want out of their service. Expect a fair share of back and forth, chatting, and consulting, and expect it to be thorough.

What about “housekeeping,” though?

Expect to Sign a Contract

You’ll have some great conversations with your roofing pro, sure, but to seal their service into a real deal, they’ll present you with a contract. This contract outlines the expectations for the project, so neither roofer nor homeowner is caught off guard. Specifically, it may contain

●        Estimated prices

●        A detailed (itemized) breakdown of where these prices are coming from

●        Dates for when work will begin and end

●        How change orders will be handled (we’ll outline what those are later on)

When you’re presented with this contract, it’s important to read it! It can get long and, admittedly, boring to peruse, but its length is exactly why it demands your attention. Important stuff is contained in there.

Expect a Permit to Be Pulled

Before they start their work, your contractor will need to “pull a permit.” This means they’ll need to get official approval from the applicable government agency. Approval ensures that work follows applicable building codes and that you—and future occupants of your home—stay safe. How long this takes depends on the city and how many requests they have backlogged!

After the Team Arrives

Once all the logistical stuff (and the paperwork!) has been squared away, it’s time for the roofers to get to work! While we at Midwest Exteriors MN do our best to be tidy and quiet, few homeowners expect roofing to be as loud, or as messy, as it tends to be.

Expect Your Team to Cater to Your Comfort

Responsible roofers like us will take care to minimize disruptions. For example, you can expect a few dumpsters to be hauled to your property before work begins so that waste disposal is taken care of. Roofers might also ask you to keep small children and animals indoors so that nobody gets hurt.

Likewise, the contractor may request that you move outdoor furniture and vehicles indoors, simply so both they and you can let work proceed without worry.

Expect Your Walls to Shake a Bit

So take that priceless painting down! While, again, we work hard to minimize disruptions to your day-today routine, nothing can stop the fact that asphalt shingles—or whatever is being used—  are being ripped out of and reapplied to your roof. You’ll hear a bit of noise, too, so make sure to inform small children of this before the big day.

Expect it to Take a Couple Days if No Change Orders Occur

Most roofing projects can be said and done in one or two days. Yes indeed, skilled tradespeople can work that fast! Sometimes, however, it may take up to four.

Longer timeframes occur when, for example, your roofer finds unexpected damage that they must tend to before continuing. They then would need to file what’s called a change order in writing with you, the homeowner, which will detail how long the work is now planned to take and what, exactly, will be accomplished.

When The Last Shingle is Nailed

Your contractor will follow the cleanup procedure outlined in the contract which you signed—all the more reason to read it! Responsible condo contractors and the like will leave the property as if they’d never been there, with naught a spare nail or shingle in sight.

Before the team departs, you should make sure you’re satisfied with their work. Not that you can’t call them up later, of course—you should be comfortable doing that—but their immediacy makes answering your questions or soothing your concerns easy.

Midwest Exteriors MN: Transparent, Customer-Focused Roofing Contractors

Whether this is your first roof being replaced or your fifth, we make sure you’re oriented and knowledgeable at every stage of this multifaceted process. Give our Lake Elmo team a call today at 651-346-9477.