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What’s Causing Moisture Damage in Your Home?

It’s certainly been a rainy couple of months! Unseasonably so, in fact; most people, when preparing their homes’ exteriors for the summer, tend to anticipate a lot of heat and the occasional severe storm. This drizzling on and off thing can catch many homeowners unaware, thus leading to moisture damage to a house’s exterior (and if you’re particularly unlucky, the interior too).

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How to Know When You Need New Gutters

However, summer weather is often hazardous in less-than-obvious ways. For one, heavy storms can wreak havoc on your gutter system. While you might not notice the damage at first, malfunctioning gutters can lead to rainwater flowing into your house, ruining hardwood floors and causing costly water damage to your walls.

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Common Summer Hazards for Your Roof

Sunshine, storms, and horrible heat—Minnesotan summers certainly aren’t for the faint of heart. Buildings can take just as much of a beating during the summer season as during the winter. Specifically, your roof tends to bear the brunt of inclement weather and our hot outdoor temperatures. A good roof acts as your home’s armor, redirecting rainwater into your seamless gutters and protecting the home against wind and hail.

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