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Making Your Roof Unappealing to Winter Attic Inhabitants

We’ve all jokingly said that we’d love to go into hibernation and sleep through something unpleasant once or twice—but what does the word really mean? In short, it describes the behavior of many animal species in which certain body functions are slowed to conserve energy for winter. The animal in question can become completely inactive, appearing asleep, or it can wake every now and again to take care of its needs as well as it can, given the inhospitable conditions of the colder months. Hibernation isn’t just limited to bears, either, as many people think; everything from bats to bugs to fish is getting in on the go-dormant-through-winter craze.

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How to Know if Your Gutters are Doing Their Job

It’s all too easy to take a thing for granted until it stops working entirely. For example, we hardly stop to take into account all the miles our cars drive us until they stop working. We don’t think much of our phone’s faithful service until we accidentally put it through the washing machine. Public transportation is always on time—until it isn’t, and we’re forced to deal with our boss’s ire upon finally arriving at work.

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