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Should I Replace My Gutters?

Gutters: they’re more important to our home’s wellbeing than the average person might think! From directing rainwater away from your foundation to stopping standing water from collecting on your roof, these little tube-shaped structures do a lot to keep your home’s exterior in tip-top shape. If you notice cracks, dings, or dents in your gutters—or even pieces missing—you definitely should be concerned! While it’s not an absolute emergency, you need to get professional gutter installers to your property ASAP to fix things up. Aside from leaving your home vulnerable to moisture damage, broken gutters can be quite the eyesore.

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How Can Summer Storms Damage my Roof?

Summer in Minnesota is well-known for the welcome heat it brings, but with that heat and humidity come storms. Torrential rains, thunder, lightning, gale-force winds, and even the occasional tornado can all assault your home during storm season, and without the proper preparation on your part, things can quickly begin to fall to ruin. Specifically, your roof bears the brunt of this load, as it’s the structure that is responsible for protecting your home from both precipitation and the physical impact of branches and hail. A well-maintained roof can stand up to almost anything Minnesota throws at it—especially if a talented roofing company has taken care of the installation, but a poorly taken-care-of roof is about as useful as not having one at all.

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