Is It Time to Replace Your Front Door?

If you don’t love the entryway of your home, it’s time to consider a new front door. Installing a new front door is one of the quickest, cheapest ways to make a big impression and increase the curb appeal of your home. And there are many more reasons why you should cash in on this minimal investment. With new front door installation, you’ll also enjoy improvements in your home’s security, energy efficiency, and noise reduction.

It’s time to replace your front door if:

  • Your door is weathered, scratched, or dented. Entry doors can take a lot of abuse; they’re slammed, kicked, and continuously exposed to the elements. Over time, the dents and dings can take their toll and compromise the structural integrity of your door. Flaws in your door are also not too pretty to look at. A new door can refresh your home’s appearance and offer better protection.
  • There are cracks or breaks along the door’s edges or within its panels. Cracks and breaks are especially common in old solid wood doors, which have gone through the cycle of expanding and contracting over many winters and summers. These stress fractures can leave the inside of your home exposed to the elements.
  • Drafts are coming through. If you feel a draft coming in from your door, it’s probably time to replace it. As doors age, all of their seals begin to shrink and crack. Drafts blowing into your home affect your overall comfort and could cause a spike in your energy bills.
  • It’s a hassle to close and lock your door. Struggling to open and close your front door every day can quickly grow old, and it’s a sign that something is wrong with either your door or its hinges. Either way, why not just cut that added stress out of your everyday life? Front door installation is quick and inexpensive.
  • Your door scrapes the floor. If your front door scrapes the floor every time you open and close it, there’s something wrong with the overall state of your door or its installation. Door scraping could be a sign that your door is warped or has begun to sag in its frame over time. If you don’t replace the door, you run the risk of damaging your floor as well.
  • It’s squeaky. Sure, squeaky hinges can often be addressed with lubrication, but squeaking could also be a sign that your door itself is starting to fail. Any time your door doesn’t function properly, it can impact the security and energy efficiency of your home.

Why You Should Hire a Professional to Install Doors

Replacing your front door seems simple enough, so a lot of homeowners might feel inclined to try to handle this project themselves. However, we believe entry door installation is best left to the professionals. Installing a door requires precise measurements, expert technique, and high-quality tools that the average homeowner does not have on hand. When replacing a door, you also have to figure out how to dispose of the old one. And if you damage your new door during installation? You’re out of luck.

If you’re interested in a new front door, contact the professionals at Midwest Exteriors MN. Our helpful staff can answer all of your questions and help you select a quality, beautiful entry door that will boost your home’s appearance and performance. When it comes time for installation, we’ll have the job done quickly, leaving your home spotless in our wake.

Your front door is the focal point of your home. It should complement your home’s architectural design and your personal taste, while also providing adequate protection from the elements. A quality front door installed by a professional contractor can last for decades. Contact Midwest Exteriors MN today for front door installation in the Twin Cities metro area. We offer the best products and the best service at the most affordable rates. But don’t just take our word for it – see what our customers have to say about working with us!

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