Looking toward the new year is an exciting opportunity to start fresh and move forward with goals. Having your home’s exterior in mind is a great way to get ahead of any needed renovation or installations that can expand your exterior’s longevity!

Midwest Exterior MN is a great place to look for any exterior questions or needs. Here are some trends to keep up with and look into this new year!

Color/Texture Trends for 2023

Giving your home a facelift this new year is a great way to freshen up your house and give it a contemporary feel! Deciding on a color is always a bigger decision than we’d like it to be. Stepping into the paint section can sometimes seem like every color has endless shades and tones to choose from. Taking texture into consideration is a whole other ballpark too.

Here are some helpful color and texture trends to be aware of in 2023:

Mixing Textures

Playing with texture is a really fun way to switch up the feel and look of your home! Adding something different to give your home a little more depth can be as simple as figuring out what you want your home to feel like!

●        Changing up your trimming or siding with brick, stone, or wood patterning can add depth and dimension to your home.

●        Organic-esque textures such as wood or stone may pair well with neutral paints (Gray siding with gray-blue stone, or warm colored wood with beige/brighter colors).

●        Consider looking into copper gutters to add some shine and color to your home!

Color Trends

Repainting or adding color to your home is an exciting endeavor! Whether you’re taking a leap into a bold exterior color or just repainting, it’s always nice to know what is on the rise! Here are some colorways and color trends that are trendy and modern:

●        Brighter natural colors are currently trending with home exterior. Think white, beige, or even ivory. Elegant, light, and allows for easy additions of texture and siding to create an open inviting atmosphere.

●        Earth tones have heavily been trending for home interiors, and are now making their way to exterior trends. If you enjoy the feel of organic natural aesthetic, your exterior might fit your energy with terracotta, light brown, or light gray tones.

●        Adding shades of a single color is a trend for 2023. Different tones of gray or brown can add a nice feel to a monochrome home. Roofing is a great example of using a shade of black or charcoal to work with, and adding gray and black tone to bring dimension to the rest of your home!

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