How Ice Dams Damage Your Roof

Ah, winter. It’s a time of joy and, strangely enough, hardship here in Minnesota. While the holiday season certainly brings with it some necessary cheer, heavy snow loads and icy temperatures can make living here sometimes a downright challenge.

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Are Seamless Gutters Right for Me?

It’s the gutter question everyone interested in contacting a gutter installer must ask. On one hand, sectional gutters have traditionality in their corner. They’ve been in use for hundreds of years, are relatively affordable, and can sometimes even be installed DIY style.

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Why Replace Your Roof?

With the state of the world as it has been since March, it’s only natural to want to buckle down and save some cash. We at Midwest Exteriors MN, as a roofing company and gutter installation professionals, totally understand prioritizing your financial well being. Aside from giving the gift of beautiful home exteriors to deserving Minnesotan families, the satisfaction of helping those families save big has always been what we strive to achieve. Hence why we’re here today to talk about why you should replace your roof.

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What Clogged Gutters can do to Your Home

Clog: what an unattractive word! Aside from sounding downright clunky, it’s associated with a number of nasty situations: clogged toilets, clogged drains, clogged fuel pipes—and, perhaps most dastardly of all, clogged gutters. Take it from a gutter installation company; you don’t want to be dealing with these. At all. Clamoring up to remove them in between gutter cleanings is a nuisance on its own, but these gutter malfunctions can do a lot more damage than causing undue stress on your day off. In fact, they can downright wreak havoc on your home if left unchecked.

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Making Your Roof Unappealing to Winter Attic Inhabitants

We’ve all jokingly said that we’d love to go into hibernation and sleep through something unpleasant once or twice—but what does the word really mean? In short, it describes the behavior of many animal species in which certain body functions are slowed to conserve energy for winter. The animal in question can become completely inactive, appearing asleep, or it can wake every now and again to take care of its needs as well as it can, given the inhospitable conditions of the colder months. Hibernation isn’t just limited to bears, either, as many people think; everything from bats to bugs to fish is getting in on the go-dormant-through-winter craze.

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How to Know if Your Gutters are Doing Their Job

It’s all too easy to take a thing for granted until it stops working entirely. For example, we hardly stop to take into account all the miles our cars drive us until they stop working. We don’t think much of our phone’s faithful service until we accidentally put it through the washing machine. Public transportation is always on time—until it isn’t, and we’re forced to deal with our boss’s ire upon finally arriving at work.

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Why you Need a Top-Notch Roofing Contractor

Do you need a new roof? If you do (why else would you be reading this post?), the idea alone can seem daunting. You can hardly imagine what looks like half of your home’s exterior torn apart and replaced. What might that look like? What type of roofing material might work best for you, aesthetically and functionally? How will your busy schedule fit into that of the work? There are so many choices to be made, so many wrinkles to iron out!

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How Seamless Gutters Help Your Home Stand Out

Any exterior contractor—and many homeowners too—know that when it comes to homes, there are places to blend in, and places to stand out. While you might not opt for a siding installation if the company only offered neon green siding, you might be more than happy to do business with a company that brings to the table more conventional tones. On the other side of the coin, though, you might hesitate to do business with a roofing contractor that only offered the most common type of roofing (asphalt, by far, and it’s common for a reason), but you might be thrilled to partner with a roofing contractor that can help you stand out from the rest of your suburban neighborhood. There are contractors for every desire and materials for every taste!

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Prepping your HOA’s Roofs for Wintertime

The summer heat is dying down—either that or the weather is probably alternating between rainforest-esque humidity and dry spells to rival the permanent state of a desert. In other words, a typical Minnesotan August has arrived. While your HOA is probably up to its neck trying to help your properties stand strong throughout this unpredictable month, now is also the time to prepare for fall. Autumn weather, while arguably not as variable as the aforementioned summer weather, poses its own unique challenges. This line of thinking is especially true when it comes to gutters (as we explain in our other entry for this month), but it’s also true for roofs. It’s imperative that your neighborhood make sure these structures are standing tough far before the first snow settles in.

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Gutters and Fall Leaves: What the Smart Homeowner Should Know

As the summer wraps up—we know, part of us doesn’t want to think about it either—at least Minnesota can look forward to gorgeous fall colors. Indeed, for a few weeks out of the year, the state transforms into something straight out of a classical painting, with firelike canopies and crystal clear rivers. Perhaps, now and again, a leaf drifts into the water and meanders downstream, provoking moments of pensive thought.

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