Preparing Your Roof for Summer Storms

With the warmer weather and clearer skies we’re seeing these days, many Minnesotans have been busy scrubbing their floors clean, organizing closets, and maintaining the yard. While you’re working on spring clean-up, don’t forget about your home’s exterior. Your roof and gutters appreciate a little tending to after winter, so if you haven’t gotten to that yet, we definitely recommend adding roof maintenance to your to-do list. Preventative measures are the best way to ensure the longevity of your roof and gutters, and with summer ahead, your home’s exterior needs to be prepped to withstand severe weather.

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How Gutters Protect Your Home’s Exterior

Have you ever looked at your home and wondered how it’s still standing? With the amount of weather hazards Minnesotans experience each year, it’s truly remarkable what our homes can withstand. From snow and harsh wind to shifting soil and heavy rain, your home stays strong through it all, providing shelter for you and your family day after day.

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Why Invest in Gutter Guards

As the ice begins to thaw, and the rainy weather of springtime sets in in the Midwest, the health and wellbeing of your gutters become even more important. Indeed, these slim tubes of metal are a crucial part of what keeps your home’s vulnerable parts clean and dry. When your gutter installation is correct, healthy and properly maintained gutters help stop your basement from flooding, for one, because they direct water away from your home. They also help keep your roof in shape, as they can help push away the rainwater that can cause everything from breaking down your house to the rotting and molding of your shingles. Without gutter installers, your home would certainly look much different than it does now—and not in a good way!

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Why Hire a Professional to Do Your House Washing

As the harshness of winter gives way to a gentle spring, one universal tradition tends to begin: spring cleaning! It’s time to bust out the disinfecting wipes, the mops, the vacuums, and the brooms and give your home’s interior a thorough, deep clean. After all, what better way is there to ring in the warmer weather and to shake off the dreariness of winter? Of course, just because you’re so mindful of the inside of your house doesn’t mean you should forget about the outside! Midwest Exteriors MN is here to remind you that the exterior of your home matters too, just as much as the interior—and we’re speaking not just from the perspective of a roofing contractor, a siding company, and a gutter installer. Spring is the perfect time to take care of your home’s exterior from both a renovation perspective, as well as from a general cleaning perspective. Spring is the ideal time for exterior house cleaning services. That’s right: house washing!

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Midwest Exterior MN will remain Open for Business during the MN Stay-At-Home Order

It is our goal to continue serving our customers as long as we feel we can safely, and we are permitted to do so.

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Your Exterior Spring Once-Over Guide

It’s time to open the windows and let the sunshine in – spring has arrived! Around this time of year, it can seem as though the world jumps into motion again and that your neighborhood is metaphorically shaking off the dust and coming out of hibernation. Our long, harsh, Midwestern winters definitely can make us a little less active, especially when it comes to exterior maintenance!

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Spring Moisture Damage: When Will My Home Need Replacements?

The birds are singing, the trees are budding, the air is warming, and sunny days are becoming more and more common – in other words, spring has arrived! Minnesotans everywhere are most likely busy basking in the bright weather, coming out of the hibernation of sorts we all take up come wintertime. It’s time to shed those heavy jackets, roll down the car windows, and take in the sunshine and warmth. It’s been a long time coming!

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Why We’re the Ideal Contractor for Your HOA

The HOA board life isn’t a quiet one! From scheduling community events to hosting meetings, from planning budgets to ensuring neighborhood happiness, board members in these neighborhoods work hard to make their communities reach their full potential. At Midwest Exteriors MN, we commend HOA board members everywhere for all that they do. Through the sheer power of volunteer labor and a passion for improvement, these people make the high standard of living that HOA neighborhoods are known for possible.

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Signs You’ll Need Ice Dam Removal

It’s February, which means that the winter weather is no doubt still in full swing! When it’s this cold and snowy out, the last thing you might want to think about is exterior home maintenance. After all, the more time you can spend curled up indoors during cold Midwestern winters, the better. However, snow and ice infallibly bring with them threats to your home—namely your roof—that are crucial for you to attend to, lest your home suffers severe damage come springtime.

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Top Wintertime Hazards for Your Minnesota Household

Welcome to January! Winter is here at full throttle and currently shows no sign of slowing down, with harsh winds beating against your siding, and snow piling up on your roof. While you’ve no doubt taken steps to winterize your home—cleaning out your gutters before the first snowfall, for example—the forces of nature at this time of year can still take quite a toll on your house. After all, Minnesotans never seem to quit talking about how tough winters get!

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Midwest Exterior MN will remain open for business during the MN Stay-At-Home Order.

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