Hiring a roofing contractor to replace your roof is very exciting! It can be refreshing to see your old home’s exterior come alive with a new roof. Moreover, you probably feel relieved if you’ve hired Midwest Exteriors MN – we’re a roofing company that knows how to get the job done!

You can know that our final product will not only be aesthetically pleasing, but also strong, shielding your household investments from the rain and heat. While it’s great to feel this way, you also probably want to take steps to make sure your brand new roof lasts. Everything from storm damage roof repair to leaking roof repair can add up, financially speaking.

Here are several easy-to-build habits that will help to prolong the lifetime of your roof!

Keep Your Trees Trimmed Back

What does the local flora have to do with the wellbeing of your new roof? Quite a bit, actually. It’s essential that homeowners and HOAs alike keep tree branches trimmed back well behind the roof line for many reasons:

Branches Serve as Wildlife Highways

While wildlife in urban areas typically doesn’t pose much of a threat to roofing, that changes if the unsuspecting owner allows tree branches to grow out. If you’re a raccoon, a roof surrounded by thick branches makes an easily accessible nesting site!

These mammals can do everything from ruining shingles, to spreading disease, to potentially starting fires if they chew up electrical wiring. It’s essential to keep them at bay.

Luckily, Midwest Exteriors MN has your back. Check out our blog for more information on keeping pests out of the attic.

Branches Can Cause Physical Damage

Of course, it’s common knowledge that when a severe storm hits your neighborhood, wayward tree branches pose a hazard to even the sturdiest of roofs. However, over time, wear and tear caused by said branches rubbing against the roof in a slight breeze also can contribute to future repair costs. Preventative maintenance is key.

Branches Cause Gutter Buildup

A working set of aluminum or copper gutters helps your roof direct rainwater to appropriate locations. Branches, however, can stymie this effect by shedding leaves and needles into said gutters. This can cause standing water to rot out your roof and ice damming in the winter months, both of which are detrimental to your roof’s longevity.

Take Care of Your Gutters

Whether you have superior seamless gutters or the more traditional sectional type, your gutters play a direct and influential role in the health of your roof. Backups, as indicated above, can cause clogging and ice damming in the wintertime, not to mention moss growth on the roof and detrimental puddles of standing water.

Luckily, gutter care is easy once you get the hang of it! Check out our gutter blog for everything you need to know about maintaining this critical piece of your home’s infrastructure.

Cleanings twice a year and making sure all the parts are attached to one another without leaks should do the trick.

Gutter Guards: For Hassle-Free Maintenance

Of course, every gutter system and homeowner is an individual, and some of the latter category might find themselves in over their heads with gutter maintenance. Gutter guards provide a seamless, stress-free solution.

By fitting snugly over your gutter installation, they block larger pieces of debris from entering the pipes, therefore reducing the likelihood of clogs. Though your gutters will still need to be monitored for tidiness, they make any required cleanings as simple as brushing the leaves off.

To learn more about gutter guards, check out our blog on the topic!

Stay On Top of Storm Damage

New roofs tend to take storm damage better than older ones, simply due to the materials’ comparative lack of weather exposure and the nature of the repairs. It therefore benefits you to stay on top of your storm damage repair if you’ve recently purchased a new roof—not that old roof owners shouldn’t do the same!

You may or may not choose to file with insurance for storm damage on a young roof; it depends on a variety of factors, all of which your roofing contractor can help you tackle. You can also start the good habit of documenting every bit of the damage, as Neighborhood Adjusters, a public adjuster company, recommends.

“When you acquire a new property or make significant renovations... take detailed photos and videos of its condition and store them in multiple safe places,” it states. “This will make any insurance claims process go faster.”


No matter what damage your roof has already sustained, our experienced team of roofing contractors can do a full replacement when roof repair just isn’t practical. To get started, give us a call today at 651-346-9477. We serve the Twin Cities and surrounding areas.