As the ice begins to thaw, and the rainy weather of springtime sets in in the Midwest, the health and wellbeing of your gutters become even more important. Indeed, these slim tubes of metal are a crucial part of what keeps your home’s vulnerable parts clean and dry. When your gutter installation is correct, healthy and properly maintained gutters help stop your basement from flooding, for one, because they direct water away from your home. They also help keep your roof in shape, as they can help push away the rainwater that can cause everything from breaking down your house to the rotting and molding of your shingles. Without gutter installers, your home would certainly look much different than it does now—and not in a good way!

When properly maintained with the required maintenance, seamless gutters do their jobs excellently but said maintenance can, at times, be a little much for certain people. Cleaning out and maintaining your gutters periodically is needed for them to function at their prime, but it can be a massive ordeal if you have mobility issues or are scared of heights. If you’re a busy professional or have kids, too, you might not be able to find the time for this cleaning. As a responsible homeowner who is unable or otherwise unwilling to keep up with gutter maintenance, what are you to do?

Luckily, there is a solution to this problem, and it comes in the form of gutter guards. These products are often made of nylon, foam, or metal, and they can look a bit like a long and flat colander, although the exact appearance of individual brands and makes varies. They function similarly to this cooking tool. Gutter guards catch leaves and debris on top of your gutters, which prevents them from obstructing water that drains through the guards and away from your house. Though these products do not completely eliminate the need for gutter maintenance, they do drastically reduce the frequency in which you’ll need to undertake it. They’re an affordable, innovative solution for the strapped-for-time homeowner or one who is otherwise struggling to keep up with their gutters’ demands.

Gutter guards might make your gutter maintenance less extensive, but what other purposes do they serve? You might think such a product must have multiple uses if it’s provided by gutter installers themselves. Indeed, you’d think correctly! Below, Midwest Exteriors MN discusses all the benefits of gutter guards, aside from the lowered maintenance requirements, of course. 

Gutter Guards: Like Armor for Your Gutters

If your shingles are like the armor for your roof and your siding is like the armor for your walls, then where do your gutters enter the picture? They deserve the same protection that other parts of your home receive. Investing in gutter replacement without gutter guards to protect your new system leaves the system vulnerable to countless threats, which includes:

●        Larger pests | Birds and some rodent species love nesting in your gutter system. Think about it: your gutters are an enclosed space high above the ground, not to mention very near a human home. Larger predators wouldn’t want to even venture near! Unfortunately, such pests can do a number on your gutters’ ability to work properly. By obstructing the flow of water your gutter system should carry away from your home, an animal nest can put excess strain on your gutters that they aren’t designed to handle, which, over time, can lead to cracking and breakage. Gutter guards can help prevent this problem from happening in the first place by providing a physical barrier to your gutter system that animals cannot bypass, but water can.

●        Clogs | Of course, the reason you clean unguarded gutters is to free them of debris, which can cause clogging, which in turn sets the stage for cracking, breakage, and an inefficient gutter system prone to backing up. However, even the most devoted gutter cleaner cannot plan for freak incidents that can cause clogs. Perhaps a storm rolls in, knocking debris into your gutter that you don’t notice until your next cleaning. Or, perhaps, a tree begins to cast seeds that it hasn’t before, and your gutters clog up before you can get to them. Long story short, gutter guards are the best way to protect your gutters from unexpected circumstances that could cause clogging.

●        Large mosquito populations | Yes, you heard us right! If your gutters clog up in the summer months, this could result in puddles of stagnant water located inside of your gutter system. These puddles render themselves a prime breeding ground for all sorts of insects, but none is more notorious than that Midwestern menace, the mosquito. Instead of investing in toxic, chemical-based extermination treatments, put your money toward gutter guards and see if that has an impact on your mosquito problem.

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