Any exterior contractor—and many homeowners too—know that when it comes to homes, there are places to blend in, and places to stand out. While you might not opt for a siding installation if the company only offered neon green siding, you might be more than happy to do business with a company that brings to the table more conventional tones. On the other side of the coin, though, you might hesitate to do business with a roofing contractor that only offered the most common type of roofing (asphalt, by far, and it’s common for a reason), but you might be thrilled to partner with a roofing contractor that can help you stand out from the rest of your suburban neighborhood. There are contractors for every desire and materials for every taste!

What about when it comes to gutters, though? From a stand-out-stand-point, what do homeowners generally want from them? What can they do? While data about this is obviously lacking, speaking anecdotally, homeowners don’t often think much about these fixtures aside from if they’re working or not. Siding and roofing are often considered the main attractions from an aesthetic standpoint as far as the exterior features to your home go.

However, as exterior contractors ourselves, we know that these sleek tubes can lend your home a noticeable air of polish and prestige if well-taken care of and installed correctly. That certainly means your home will stand out! On the flip side, a badly installed gutter system will make your home stick out as it leaves it vulnerable to all sorts of damages, which includes mosquito infestations from standing water and a generally dilapidated appearance.

Indeed, the effects of your gutter system on your exterior can be both positive and negative, but they always make your home noticeable, whether you like it or not. You might as well embrace your gutters’ desire to help your home shine and invest in some seamless ones.

What are Seamless Gutters and How do They Put My Home in the Spotlight?

Seamless gutters are, as their name somewhat implies, gutters without seams. While typical gutters (which are often called sectional gutters) are cobbled together with sealant, seamless gutters are custom-made for your home. They are beginning to catch the eye of homeowners everywhere and for a good reason. Because this sleek and innovative design tends to do its job better than its sectioned-out cousin, it helps your home and its exterior fixtures look and function at its best. Talk about a supportive spotlight-seeker!

Indeed, seamless gutters help highlight your home in many ways:

●        On their own, they look gorgeous | With streamlined swaths of color decorating your home’s fascia, seamless gutters certainly catch the eye of the passerby. Because they’re made of fewer parts and don’t look as clunky as their sectional brethren, they’re pros at looking polished and prim. Any exterior fixture that makes a great statement like that is sure to draw attention to the rest of your home as a whole.

●        They help to keep your lawn looking luscious | What’s a gorgeous home without a gorgeous sea of green surrounding it? While it might not seem that your gutters play a role in lawn care, out of all things, they do direct a fair amount of rainwater from your roof down into the soil. Clogged gutters or ones that do not otherwise handle rain well can lead to water being directed where it is not supposed to be, which results in a thinning lawn or a sad-looking garden. Seamless gutters are less likely to clog or leak, as there exist fewer ridges in the system that can catch debris or bend. Seamless gutters do a much better job of consistently funneling rainwater safely away from your vulnerable landscaping and plants than do sectional gutters, which means your lawn can stay luxurious for a long, long time.

●        They keep your foundation standing strong | We’ve all been taught that beauty is more than skin deep, and the same goes for your house. A solid foundation is paramount to a stand-out home; without it, things would quite literally fall apart! However, any foundation is at risk of damage from a leaky or overflowing gutter system, as the excess moisture causes the soil around your foundation to expand, potentially leading to a squished foundation that can’t help but crack under pressure. For reasons stated above, seamless gutters are far less likely to break, leak, or overflow than sectional ones, making them a great choice if you want to protect what holds your lovely home aloft.

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