If you’re investing in a new roof, you of course know that picking the right roofing contractor is essential. In fact, you may already have picked your ideal roofing company out of the many available. You probably also feel good knowing that investing in a hail damage roofing contractor’s help is a great use of your money.

One thing you might not feel good about, though is your shingle situation. Namely, what kind is right for your home.

It’s easy to find yourself swimming in the countless shingle brands available, confused by all the industry-specific jargon and tired of all the baseless claims of quality. Every company wants to be seen as the best, so they all portray themselves as such. How can you sort through it all and figure out which can deliver on their promises?

On top of that, there’s the concern of shingle type itself. Every roofing company has different things to say about every individual type of shingle. Being a homeowner and not an industry professional, how do you know that they’re steering you in the right direction and not just out to make a buck?

Indeed, the roofing process can be stressful, but with Midwest Exteriors MN, it doesn’t have to be. Our promise to you as home and condo contractors is of top-notch service and the utmost care. We’ll never try to push something onto you that won’t work for your home. It just doesn’t align with our business ethics! That’s why you can trust us when we recommend shingles or shingle brands.

So what do we recommend?

The Right Shingle Type Will Depend on Many Factors

All shingles have their strengths and weaknesses, and all homes have their individual needs. Therefore, you’ll need to speak with a qualified roofing contractor in your area to determine how to best shield your home from above. Some factors that roofing contractor might discuss with you when considering your new shingles include

●        How sunny your area is. Shingles play an important role in your home’s energy efficiency. If you’re looking to reduce your bills in the long run with your shingles, consider an ENERGY-STAR certified product to maximize your savings.

●        Your area’s humidity and moisture. Moisture can lead to a variety of roofing issues, including (yuck!) blue-green algae accumulation. While this in particular won’t harm your roof, it certainly looks disgusting, so it’s logical to choose a shingle type that’s water-hardy if you’ve dealt with it in the past.

●        Your area’s wind levels. Quality shingle brands of many types can hold up to high winds, but there still remain materials within those brands that you should stay away from. A quality roofing contractor like us will be able to tell you more in person and discuss if wind is a concern.

Material may be a subjective choice, but we at Midwest Exteriors MN believe that brand is not. We’re proud to offer GAF brand shingles, which we’ve seen firsthand to be some of the best materials in the business – and we’ve worked with our fair share of shingles over our more than two decades of service.

Why GAF Shingles Stand Head and Shoulders Above the Rest

Asphalt shingles – a type which GAF manufactures – are incredibly popular these days for many reasons. They’re relatively affordable, and their classic good looks can’t be beat.

GAF shingles in particular are exceptional even as far as asphalt shingles go, capitalizing on the material’s strengths while bolstering them in other areas to create something that’s a fit for nearly every homeowner. That’s why we generally recommend them wholeheartedly!

●        GAF offers reflective options for sunny areas. These special, reflective shingles keep your attic cooler, resulting in a more comfortable summertime home temperature as well as reduced energy costs. You’ll thank yourself for going with GAF when the weather warms.

●        Fretting about algae growth or dealing with water woes? GAF has a product for you. Blue-green algae concerns and moisture will be a nonissue under a well-maintained GAF roof. With shingles specifically made to be hardy and stain-resistant, you’ll enjoy ample protection from the elements.

●        Worry not about the wind with GAF on your side. GAF’s products are durable and easy to install. Maintain your roof well and you can trust it to hold strong for years to come, even in high winds.

Of course, the right shingle brand can only do so much in the hands of an incompetent roofing contractor. Luckily, Midwest Exteriors MN, with our extensive experience and quality-driven attitude, is here to get the job done right. Don’t skimp on your roofing company; trust us, you’ll regret it.

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