Are you a traditionalist or someone who embraces new approaches? Both ways of doing things have their times and places, of course, but when it comes to gutters, the latter tends to make for better gutter installation results.

As gutter installers, while we still use some tried-and-true techniques, we’re big supporters of the modernized functionality and looks of seamless gutters, because they do almost everything better than their traditional sectional competition. And while they may be a bit more maintenance-intensive on our end, we don’t mind at all because they help us adhere to our mission of providing top-quality gutters to Minnesotan families.

But what, exactly, are seamless gutters? What parts of them make them a better gutter solution than their sectional counterparts? These are all valid questions! We wouldn’t expect you to jump right on the bandwagon simply because of some vague promise that seamless gutters are just “better.” You’re a savvy shopper and care deeply about your home, and you want to be informed before you make any exterior renovation decision.

Let’s take a closer look at what seamless gutters are, how they work, and why they make for a higher-quality gutter system when push comes to shove.

What Are Seamless Gutters?

To fully understand our strong beliefs behind this product, it’s helpful to understand historical gutter installation methods and how seamless gutters differ. Gutters have been around for thousands of years in many shapes and forms, but sectional gutters were what first gained popularity in modern America. These gutters were made of many separate, interlocking parts – hence their name – and are to this day attractive to DIYers because many parts can be found at hardware stores everywhere.

It wasn’t until the 1960s that seamless gutters began to be a feasible option, with the creation of a machine that rolled custom gutters on-site, gutters that had fewer seams than older, sectional models. Which is why they’re called “seamless,” even though technically all gutter systems will have to have seams somewhere as they turn around the angles of your home.

By custom-making gutters fit to a given building, gutter installers and condo contractors greatly reduced those pesky cracks in their work, cracks that were once deemed necessary, making the finished product seamless in more than one sense of the word. But what’s so bad about seams in the first place?

Why You Don’t Want Seams in Your Gutters

Seams are good on clothing, but not so nice on gutters. They drastically increase a given gutter system’s maintenance requirements, make it more fragile to begin with, and directly oppose a system's longevity.

●      Fancy an extensive cleaning process?

We didn’t think so. Nobody likes to climb up and shovel gook out of their gutters, and sectional gutters just make this worse. You’ll be stuck up there for ages, scrubbing between each seam with a tiny brush lest debris trapped in them cause breakages. Say good-bye to hours of your precious free time.

●      Want to constantly stress over the welfare of your gutters?

Of course not. You don’t want to think about them at all! Unfortunately, sectional gutters aren’t the hardiest of things and are subject to breakages even on a good day.

Seams create points of weakness, and while adhesives and correct installation can protect your gutter system to some degree, you ultimately remain relatively at-risk of gutter failure. Given that gutters directly protect your home – we’ve written all about it on our seamless gutters blog – this is certainly not something you ever want to deal with.

●      Like forking over loads of money for repairs?

No way! Put that money towards things that are actually fun and stay away from sectional gutters. Because seams weaken your gutters, to preserve your system’s longevity, you’ll need to pour far more cash into it than it’s worth. And if you don’t? Bid adieu to a long-lasting gutter system. 

Seamless Gutters: Your Solution

Like we said, seamless gutters are just a better all-around choice. They eliminate all of the problems that come with seamed gutters, resulting in a low-maintenance, stress-free, long-lasting investment.

●      Make cleaning a breeze with a lack of seams.

Because they have far fewer seams than their counterparts, seamless gutters are simple to scoop. No more wasting time and energy on a chore that should be as simple as can be.

●      Invest in gutters that will last.

With far fewer points of weakness, seamless gutters tend to last longer than their competition. While you might pay more for installation than you would for the DIY, sectional approach, the results are well worth it because the savings more than pay dividends.

●      Enjoy worry-free protection.

Fewer weak areas mean a tougher gutter system that functions day in and day out with no issues. Provided you properly take care of your seamless gutters, they’ll reward you with plenty of peace of mind.

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