Whether you installed the gutters on your home, or the previous homeowners did this task, you are halfway to preventing water from damaging your foundation and siding. However, if your gutters are getting older, they will need a little love and care to ensure they continue to prevent damage instead of causing it. Midwest Exteriors is here with a few tips to stop water from harming your home by keeping your older gutters in great shape with some basic maintenance.

Clean Out the Gutters and the Downspouts

Lake Elmo, Minn. certainly has its share of trees with leaves that fall and clog your gutters. Twice a year, you need to get up that ladder, pull out all the gunk that has gathered in your gutters and run your hose to check that the downspouts are doing their jobs. If you leave the dirt, leaves, and other debris in the gutters over the winter, it will freeze, get into the seams, and cause leaks.

Seal the Seams on Aging Aluminum Gutters

Of course, even with good maintenance, your older gutters will become dented and warp over time. It is recommended to use some sealant on freshly cleaned gutters to ensure the water continues draining downward and not spilling over into your siding or worse, under your eaves. If you don't want to get up that ladder yourself, the pros at Midwest Exteriors can take care of this chore for you.

Check the Connection to Your House

Gutters are mounted by screwing them to the fascia boards under the edge of your roof. As the wood of the fascia and the screws age, the gutters can pull loose from your house providing a new place for water to sneak inside. The flashing that is installed under the last row of shingles and provides a good drip edge into your gutters can come loose. If you notice water dripping down your siding under the gutter, it is time to have the gutter installers come out and do some simple preventive repairs.

Consider New Seamless Gutters to Reduce Maintenance in the Future

If it seems like you are spending more and more time keeping the gutters in good repair, it might be time to think about replacing yours with seamless gutters. With a leaf shield, seamless gutters are less likely to become clogged, crack, or deform causing water damage in and around your property.

For help with repairs or installing new gutters, give the professionals at Midwest Exteriors a call, and schedule your personal assessment today.