Whether you or the previous homeowners installed the system, if you have gutters in the first place you are halfway to preventing water from damaging your foundation and siding. Nice work!

However, those gutters will need a little love and care to ensure they continue to prevent damage instead of causing it. Midwest Exteriors MN is here with a few basic maintenance tips that will keep your gutters chugging right along.

Clean Out the Gutters and the Downspouts

Lake Elmo certainly has its share of trees with leaves that fall and clog your gutters. Twice a year, you need to get up on a ladder, pull out all the gunk that has gathered in your gutters, and run your hose down the downspouts to check that they are doing their jobs. If you leave the dirt, leaves, and other debris in the gutters over the winter, it will freeze in the seams and cause leaks.

Want some advice on how to clean your gutters? Check out our condo contractor blog on how to stay safe. Similarly, Bob Vila discusses a few different techniques on how to get the job done efficiently. 

Seal the Seams on Aging Aluminum Gutters

Of course, even with good maintenance, your older gutters will become dented and warp over time. It is recommended to use some sealant on freshly cleaned gutters to ensure the water continues draining downward and not spilling over into your siding—or worse, under your eaves!

Check the Connection to Your House

Gutters are mounted by screwing them to the fascia boards under the edge of your roof. As the wood of the fascia and the screws age, the gutters can pull loose from your house, which creates a new place for water to sneak inside.

The flashing that is installed under the last row of shingles and provides a good drip edge into your gutters can also come loose. If you notice water dripping down your siding under the gutter, it is time to have the gutter installers come out to your property ASAP!

Consider New Seamless Gutters to Reduce Maintenance in the Future

If it seems like you are spending more and more time keeping the gutters in good repair, it might be time to think about replacing them with seamless gutters. Seamless gutters are less likely than traditional models to become clogged, crack, or deform, all of which can cause water damage on and around your property.

But why are seamless gutters so low-maintenance—and why do they outperform their seamed counterparts? We’ve actually written an entire home and condo contractor blog on the beauty of this gutter type; check it out for the full scoop. Don't have time? Below you’ll find the short version.

Fewer Seams Means Fewer Opportunities for Clogs and Breaks

Every gutter installation’s worst enemy, clogs can outright stop the system from doing its job—which can have serious consequences for your home, as we cover in our gutter installer blog. Preventing clogs is one of the major reasons twice-yearly gutter cleanings are critical. You don’t want to deal with overflow and the siding stains it can create!

That being said, even with twice-yearly cleanings, traditional gutters are liable to back up. This is because the seams create tiny ridges which more easily catch debris. Not only does this put you gutters at risk of overflowing, but it also can compromise the physical integrity of your gutter system when leaf litter and the like works its way into the cracks.

Seamless gutters, because they have a much smaller amount of those ridges, make for a much smoother ride down the spout for debris. Say goodbye to constant clogging and leaks!

Fewer Seams Means a Tougher System Physically

Sure, this is true in terms of breakages from clogs, but it’s also true in general, too. Seams create weak points in the gutter system because they “must be sealed with roof and gutter sealant in order to prevent leaking or dripping,” according to Forbes. The site also says that the stuff can quit on you in as little as a year! When it does, you’ll need professional help to patch things up—and even if you get it, because exteriors tend to wear unevenly, you’ll no doubt be calling the same pro up far too often, racking up repair costs.

Seamless gutters, on the other hand, won’t require nearly as much professional attention if you take care of them properly. Their comparative lack of weak points means that you won’t need to worry about some fallible product giving up on you when you need it most.

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