It’s springtime in the Midwest! The songbirds are back, the slush is melting, and you’re probably getting outside to both enjoy yourself and check up on your home’s exterior.

However, as joyous as it seems, this is also the season for something less-than-savory: roofing scams. While the industry tends to be pretty honest as a whole—as a roofing company, we’d know—there do exist smarmy types out there looking to make a quick buck, and we’re here to let you know what they are, how to spot them, and why local alternatives like us are always better.

Roofing Scammers: The Basics

Often called “storm chasers,” these swindlers rove neighborhoods everywhere, usually after a harsh storm—a tornado, severe weather, though even a thunderstorm will do for the excessively desperate. They thus proceed to show up on your doorstep, tell you your roof is damaged, and insist on working on it.

“What’s wrong with that?” You may ask. “They’re just being convenient and helpful!”

While we at Midwest Exteriors MN are all for convenience and helpfulness—our reviews speak for themselves in this respect—the sort of convenience and helpfulness that storm chasers offer is frequently false or short-lived.

Storm Chasers Are Known to Use Unethical Business Tactics

A storm chaser’s business model is inherently feast or famine. Storms don’t come around every day, after all! If a customer refuses them they lose valuable profit that may be difficult, if not impossible, to find later or compensate for now.

Because they also don’t have a customer base to fall back on, this puts these roofing contractors in situations wherein they need to sell their services fast. The resulting sales tactics are often obnoxious, unethical, and downright mean-spirited.

●        Storm chasers often show up unannounced, rudely intruding upon your time

●        They are inherently exploiting you by preying upon your rightful post-storm worries

●        They won’t take “no” for an answer, and frequently won’t give you time to think things over and weigh your options

Real and local roofing companies like us, in contrast, are always ethical and strive to work with you, not take advantage of your concerns. If a roofing contractor shows up at your doorstep out of the blue and tries to push you around, chances are you’ve got a storm chaser on your hands.

Storm Chasers Are Impossible to Hold Accountable

Why? Because they’re here-and-gone-again, their business model relying on predatory behavior that only works intermittently. If your new roof springs a leak or, worse yet, needs a full roof replacement sooner than it should, you’ve got nobody to point a finger at, nobody to call for help—and nobody to hold accountable for the poor workmanship.

To make matters worse, storm chasers sometimes are also known to take the money and run!

Storm chasers are good at making themselves invisible after the job is done, often by using a name that’s not specific to any location or by leaving town altogether. They don’t work to foster sound relationships between themselves and clients like local roofing contractors, but instead profit off of brief, uncomfortable encounters.

If the roofing contractor you’ve got your eyes on has a generic name (IE “Roofing Experts” instead of the more specific “Midwest Exteriors MN”) and seems uncaring about your home’s longevity, they probably aren’t legitimate.

Storm Chasers Tend to Do Poor-Quality Work

Because of their feast-or-famine business model, storm chasers are motivated to do unreasonably speedy jobs. They also, like we said, know how to make themselves scarce, so unfortunately they can get away with it, too.

In addition, because they don’t have any real passion for their work like real roofing companies and are motivated by profit instead of expanding expertise, they’re also frequently unlicensed and uncertified.

All this adds up to one poor-quality roof over the victim’s head—one that wouldn’t be there if they’d hired a real roofing contractor.

The true professionals have to stand behind their work. They have no other choice than to allow you to hold them accountable, thanks to their permanence and the gratingly honest nature of Internet reviews. They also frequently list their certifications in easy-to-find locations online; Midwest Exteriors MN, for example, is an EPA-certified Lead Safe Contractor.

If the roofing company you aim to work with isn’t upfront about their certifications and licensure, you should be having second thoughts—also if you can’t check references or find them online.

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