Mold is a homeowner’s nightmare and finding it growing in your home can be an unsettling discovery. Unfortunately, because attics are relatively undisturbed areas that also must deal with moisture ventilation, they’re susceptible spaces for mold to set up shop. A faulty design in your attic can result in poor ventilation and eventual mold development.

Is your attic an unexplainable fuzzy mess up there? Rest assured we’ve got answers. Below, Midwest Exteriors MN, your Lake Elmo roofing company, discusses the various causes of mold in the attic space below—as well as their long-term fixes.

Pest Access

When pests such as possums, squirrels, and mice access your attic, fungi can start to develop quickly. While the animals themselves aren’t inherently dirty or infested, they can tear holes in your roofing or siding as they try to get inside, which opens the door for moisture damage now that your home’s defenses have been breached.

Take Time to Remove the Pests

First, you’ll need to remove all pests. This is a job best left to a wildlife rescue center or similar organization, as they can tackle the procedure with experience and a steady hand. After that, you’ll take care of the mold with the help of a specialist. But after the two pressing matters are tended to, are you out of the woods?

Not quite. The animal got into your attic and caused the mold problem somehow; you’ll need to locate its entrance point and fix it, as well as replace anything structurally damaged by the mold. Since this can be dangerous work that’s also specialized, we recommend calling a roofing contractor to handle it. Should you fail or do a less-than-stellar job, as is common with DIY, not only will things fall apart again but you’re likely to have pests right back in your attic again, restarting the whole problem!

You may also find our roofing contractor blog “Making Your Roof Unappealing to Winter Attic Inhabitants” helpful in preventing future issues.

Ventilation Issues

As we said earlier, your roofing has a built-in mold-management system that, when properly designed and maintained, usually functions just as intended. Moist air, which can cause mold growth, is allowed to flow through your roof and escape harmlessly through strategically placed vents. To learn more about the intricacies of this concept, check out our condo contractor blog “The Importance of Proper Roofing Ventilation.”

In short, when your roof can’t properly rid itself of moist air, you can begin to have issues with condensation, which in turn can cause mold growth on your roof’s structural facets themselves as well as your insulation. That’s not even getting into the damage the moisture can cause on its own!

Seek the Help of a Roofing Contractor

If your roof has suffered from inadequate ventilation for some time, you might very well need a roof replacement. Moist air has a way of permeating a space, and when it can’t escape your attic, practically every surface in there becomes prime territory for mold.

At the very least, this is an issue best handled by a roofing contractor to ensure your roof receives the solution it needs. What sort of ventilation works for one structure might not work at all for another—in fact, some roofs do just fine without vents at all! Your hired help will be able to advise you of the next course of action, as well as diagnose if you really have a ventilation issue in the first place. Not all types of condensation mean your roof is mismanaged; for example, frost formation, in some cases, can be completely normal.

Storm Damage

When left unattended, that is! Storm damage can very well tear holes in your roof, which in turn allow water to leak inside. As we know all too well, mold loves moisture, and the organic materials inside of your roof—like wooden rafters—make for the perfect food source. Everything from wind to hail to harsh rain itself can do damage to a roof that’s illy cared for.

Tackle the Issue With the Help of Hail Damage Roofing Contractors

Or any pro that’s qualified to help you with your storm damage needs. While the damage in some cases may not be extensive if immediately dealt with, you’ve got an entirely new set of problems to deal with when your home is hit by a storm: the insurance company. To receive the best amount of compensation while also getting your home repaired, it’s wise to seek help that can accomplish both.

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