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At Midwest Exteriors MN, we use the most advanced roofing materials in the industry to provide every customer with the highest quality roof their money can buy. More often than not, we recommend GAF – the most trusted, reliable shingle manufacturer for homeowners who want exceptional protection, beauty, and long-lasting durability.

We install several types of GAF shingles, including:

  • Timberline HDZ™
  • Timberline Ultra HD
  • Glenwood® Designer

We custom install your shingles to your roof’s exact specifications and your personal preferences, using durable, long-lasting products that will protect your home from even the toughest Minnesota weather. Contact Midwest Exteriors MN to find out more about the benefits of GAF Shingles.

Timberline® HDZ™ Shingles

Are you looking for a roofing option that offers unmatched aesthetic appeal as well as exceptional fire resistance and durability? The Timberline HDZ shingles from GAF provides homeowners with a timeless wood-shake appearance while still retaining the durability and lifespan of long-lasting shingles. Midwest Exteriors provides top-of-the line Timberline HDZ shingle installation services for homeowners in Minnesota.

Glenwood® Designer

Beautiful and timeless, select from a wide variety of hues, tones, and styles of Glenwood Designer shingles. This roofing option is wind and fire resistant, as well as flexible and durable. You’ll be able to stay within your budget, expectations, and aesthetic preferences with any of the Glenwood Designer options!

Timberline Ultra HD

Timberline Ultra HD shingles from GAF provide a beautiful wood-shake appearance while still supplying the durability and thick quality necessary to protect your home from even the harshest Minnesota elements. The team at Midwest Exteriors will securely and beautifully install your new shingles so that they’re ready to serve your home for years to come.

Why Choose GAF Shingles?

Your roof makes up 40% of your home’s exterior design. It also provides the greatest amount of protection and the highest ROI of any other component of your home. So, if you are going to invest in a new roof, why not choose a brand of shingles that is on more homes than any other product? There are several reasons why GAF Shingles are the right choice for your home:

Affordable Price

GAF has built its reputation on providing superior shingles at prices that still stay within your budget. You do not have to sacrifice quality to get the shingles you’ve always wanted at a cost you can afford.

Highest Fire Rating

GAF shingles still maintain the highest roofing fire rating of any shingle product on the market: UL Class A, Listed to ANS/UL 790.

Sustainable Materials

By developing Advanced Protection® Shingle Technology, GAF reduces the use of natural resources, while engineering products are still durable and long-lasting.

Exceptional Adhesion

Dura Grip Adhesive seals keep shingles from coming loose during high winds. Each shingle is specially designed to withstand 130 mph winds. They’re backed by a GAF Shingle and Accessory Ltd Warranty.

Endless Colors and Designs

No matter what you are looking for, you can find it with GAF shingles. You can choose from different colors, shapes, and textures that match your home’s current layout.

GAF Shingles: Protecting Your Roof Where It Matters Most

GAF shingles are engineered to protect the most vulnerable areas of your roof from the harshest natural elements.

  • Leak Barrier
    The shingles provide complete protection against leaks caused by severe weather or roof settlement. They’re perfect for a brand new installation or replacement. They also meet or exceed residential and commercial building codes for leak protection.
  • Roof Deck Protection
    Since most roof decking is made of wood, it must be shielded by the underlayment and the shingles. GAF shingles provide a strong barrier against wind, rain, humidity, and sunlight.
  • GAF Starter Strip Shingles
    In addition to GAF shingles, you can save time, eliminate waste, and keep your shingles from blowing off by adding starter strip shingles. Starter strip shingles may help you qualify for wind coverage under your warranty.
  • Ridge Cap Protection
    You can guard the top of your roof against hard rains and high winds by using GAF ridge cap shingles. They’re designed to protect your roof’s hips and ridges.

Contact Your Certified GAF Roof Installers in Lake Elmo, MN

Midwest Exteriors MN is your certified GAF Roof installer in Lake Elmo and across the Twin Cities. We offer complete GAF roofing installation and replacement. Whether you want to update the look of your roof, repair your roofing system from storm damage, or are getting ready to build a new home, we offer the best products and services available on the market.

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